How You Can Directly Save Files From Cloud To Your Browser

Browsing the Internet is one of our daily activities, as with the daily advancement of technology, everyone is trying to keep up to date. Now with all this activity we might want to save some important documents or files, either by storing them in a USB drive or uploading it to a cloud storage. But uploading to a cloud storage involves some strenuous processes to complete. That's why Ballloon a chrome extension is here to make things easier and faster.

Directly saving web files to cloud storage services with Ballloon
Step 1 : Install Ballloon from the Chrome Web Store, and use your google account to sign-in to the service.

Step 2 : After this, you also need to connect Ballloon with the cloud storage service(s) that you directly want to save files to. This can be done by going to the Cloud Settings section on your Ballloon account homepage. Some of the popular cloud storage services supported are Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Step 3 : You're all set. Now whenever you view an online file that can be saved to Ballloon (e.g. image, PDF document), you'll see the icons of supported cloud storage services on the top right corner of the file. Simply click on the icon of the desired cloud storage service, and Ballloon will automatically save the file to it. 

The process takes place in the background, so you don't have to track the upload progress either.
Ballloon operates on the freemium model, and the free account gives you 2 GB monthly data traffic. 

The paid plans start at $9.9/month, and offer features like increased data traffic and the ability to upload videos and zipped files.

If you have tried using Ballloon, you can be helpful to others by sharing your experience with us.
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How to Turn Off Autoplay Next Video In YouTube App

YouTube is one of the most visited site in the world. YouTube is where people all over the world share videos ranging from documentaries, Movies, Sports, funny videos, Tutorials or events etc online. That moment when streaming YouTube videos, after a video had finished playing, YouTube automatically Auto-play the next video. This happens when using YouTube App to stream videos. Either the Android app, iOS or iPhone App.

Today I would be showing you how to disable YouTube Autoplay Next video on Android, iOS or iPhone Youtube app. It's very simple. Kindly follow me along.

How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay Next Video

If you are used to watching videos on YouTube, you will notice that after a particular video completes or finishes, another one which is probably the Next Video on YouTube will suddenly start to play without you authorizing it.

If you one of those that find this feature very annoying and wants to disable or turn off YouTube Autoplay Next Video on your Android app, iOS or iPhone YouTube app, below is how to do it.

==> Launch your YouTube app.

==> Open the video you want to watch and scroll down a bit.

==> You will see Auto-play toggle just below the video.

==> Toggle off the feature and this feature will be disabled on your YouTube app.

NOTE: This method will remain permanent but if change account on your device, it will automatically revert back and you will have to follow the above method to toggle it off again.

That's all friends. I'm sure you are now free from the annoying YouTube Autoplay feature. I hope you like this?

Kindly comment and Share!!!
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Having Problems Downloading From o2tvseries? Here's a Simple Solution To It

As at the time of writing this post o2tvseries actually had some problems with their download links, but it seems the problem has been rectified. For reference purposes, I have updated this post so their won't be any misconception. Thanks..

O2tvseries has actually had some problems with their download links and it's believed that they are planning to move it to their permanent site  http://tvshows4mobile.com. tvshows4mobile.com is a mirror of o2tvseries.com having the same content, navigation, and design, but different urls and different names.

They stated in one of their posts on their Facebook Fan Page that they are having some issues with downloads on o2tvseries at the moment, but good news is that you can download all your favorite shows from their other site tvshows4mobile.com.

How To Download From tvshows4mobile:
  • Visit www.tvshows4mobile.com and tap on the Enter button on your PC or Phone.
  • Wait for some seconds while the site is loading.
  • Tap on the A – B – C, D – E – F, G – H – I to Y – Z or simply tap on the More link.
  • The Movies from A-Z will be listed below it then you'd be able to click on the movies name and download the movies from season 1 to the season finale.
  • Tvshows4mobile will list all the download links in mp4 and mp3 and you must click on the link to start downloads as it doesn't start automatically.
  • For PC if you are having problems downloading, just right click and select "save link content as" from the options that would be displayed, then select the download folder and click save.
Tvshows4mobile displays the series the same way o2tvseries does and the download links for both mp4 and mp3 are also available. Also they introduced HQ mp4 downloads for SmartPhones, but to access this links you have to visit the site with a mobile phone.

For more inquiry goto their Facebook page via this LINK Enjoy!.

If you found this post useful don't forget to share it and drop your comments below.
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Tips to Help Keep Your Facebook Secure Clean and Private

Facebook has become almost part of our everyday activities, as we store a lot of personal files, photos, videos and even notes. And ensuring our private data's stay safe, we need to go extra miles to ensure its security. Below are six tips to help you keep your Facebook secure, clean and private 

1. Secure your account

Major part of your life revolves around digital services such as email and social-networking accounts, it is very important to secure these with a strong password. Similarly, there are many other services that allow you to log on using your Facebook account. So if your Facebook account gets compromised, it will in turn affect your other accounts as well.

Therefore, it would be best not to depend on passwords, as they are difficult to manage. Go to Account Settings – Security – Login Approvals and turn it on. It will then ask for a special confirmation number that would be sent to your phone when you sign in from a new device.

Now no one else can log in with your password unless they also have your phone and that special number. This is something that you set up once and forget about, unless you switch devices often.

2. Review your privacy settings

Facebook provides a series of quick privacy “shortcuts.” Look for the small padlock on the upper right corner of the browser on desktops and laptops. For Apple and Android devices, you need to access shortcuts through the menu – the three horizontal bars.

Facebook’s key privacy shortcuts is “Who can see my stuff ?” You can limit sharing to “Friends” rather than “Public,” or customize it further to exclude certain people or groups. Check “Timeline and Tagging” in account settings and insist on approving posts people tag you in. Note that this is limited to what appears on your personal timeline

Facebook has a Privacy Checkup tool to review your settings, if you are on a desktop or laptop. Look for that padlock. This tool is coming soon to mobile.

3. Make enemies…..or at least unfriend some

Remove friends with whom you are no longer in touch with. If you think “unfriending” is too mean, add them to an “Acquaintances” or “Restricted” list instead. “Acquaintances” means they won’t show up in your news feed as often, though they will still have full access to any posts you distribute to your friends. “Restricted” means they will only see posts you mark as public. Either way is effective to unfriend someone without letting them know that you have done so.

You also can create custom lists, such as “school friends” or “family” by choosing “More” next to “Friends” to the left of your news feed. Individuals can be in multiple groups. Capabilities are limited on mobile devices, even though changes you make on the PC will appear on your phone or tablet.

4. Watch those apps

If you are still unsure if you use the game or app, it’s time to sign out. You can always sign on when you wish to. The Privacy Checkup tool on PCs will review apps for you automatically. Look for “Apps” in the account settings (not “Apps” in the main menu) on mobile devices.

The Security Checkup tool is an easy way to log out of Facebook on devices you rarely use and also enable alerts when someone tries to sign on from a new device or browser. To run this, go to http://Facebook.com/securitycheckup on a PC. On iPhones and iPads, you will have to find the options individually in the account settings under “Security”. You can search for “security checkup” in the Help Center on the Android app.

5. Control your data

By using “News Feeds Preferences”, you can influence whose posts you want to see more or less. The setting is on the lower right on iPhones and on the top right on browsers and Android apps. Here, you can choose friends who will always show up on top, or hide someone’s posts entirely.

Lastly, if you are concerned about data usage, you can stop videos in your news feeds from playing automatically. It is in the account settings under “Videos and Photos” on iPhones. For Android, go to “Autoplay” in the “App Settings.”

6. Plan ahead

You can elect certain friends as trusted contacts in the security settings. This will give them the power to help you, if you get locked out of your account for some reason.  You can also appoint a “Legacy Contact” – a family member or close friend who would serve as your administrator in the event of death of the user. While they will not be able to post on your behalf or see your messages, they will however be able to reply to new friend requests and take a few additional actions on behalf of the deceased.

Remember, a secure and private Facebook ensures that you dont lose your sleep over hacking, leaks and unwanted spam posts.

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How To Spot a Fake Android SmartPhone In The Market

Below are 100% tested and trusted ways and techniques to aid you to actually spot the difference between the fake android device and the real device.

Lets Get Started:

What are the things to look out for when trying to spot a fake Android phone in the market?

Perform a Physical Check-up to Distinguish a Fake Galaxy Phone from a Real One

Below are tips to know if an android phone is original or fake:

Check on the screen’s brightness and vibrancy: original android screen is vibrant and lively colors on-screen, Fake devices show dull colors.

Check the space from the screen to the edge. Cloned phones have a wide gap from the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone.

The Samsung logo or the Android device logo on the phone is not smoothed. You can feel the Samsung logo on fake products. The logo can be easily rubbed off and removed.
Gap on the home and power buttons and volume buttons have abnormal gaps on the fake android phones.

Check the phone sensors. Some sensors are missing or misplaced.
Check the screen’s glass material. Run your fingers through the screen. If it feels like plastic more than glass, then the device is made of cheap glass material.
Check the Android phone Graphics And performance

Some fake Android phones are so convincing that one can hardly see any physical differences from the real product. However, when put to performance tests, they fail and the devices will be exploited. Try these tests below:

Multi-task by opening multiple applications. Play music in the background while opening other applications. Do not close applications. Instead, press the Home button and open other applications. Fake phones will either run slow or hang.

Reboot the phone then observe the boot sound and animation: Fake devices tend to start very slowly compared to real Galaxy phones.
Take multiple pictures. Notice the speed of how pictures were taken
Run graphics-intensive games.
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Facebook Sets To Roll Out A Feature That Would Help Users Secure Jobs Easily

Mark Zuckerberg is set to release a new feature on Facebook: that will help you find jobs, Just after plans to lunch Facebook's standalone TV app.  We all know that Facebook has acquired Whatsapp messenger and Instagram. They tried buying SnapChat, but SnapChat's CEO turned down the deal.

Facebook announced that it will roll out features which will enable companies to post job openings and applications directly. US and Canadian companies will be able to post these job openings on Facebook, thus bringing them closer to job applicants. We know that Facebook is known for connecting people. This is another method to connect people with what they need; from the comfort of your home, you can get a job.

This is such good news for those dudes who have searched for jobs everywhere without success. Besides, now you have a valid excuse to surf Facebook for days; if anyone asks you, you can say you’re looking for a job.

Now, job seekers in the US and Canada can apply for jobs by simply clicking the “apply now” button on their tab. Then, Facebook will auto-fill some of the required information from their Facebook profile. This information includes your name and location. The applicant can review the information before sending it. Thus, Facebook creates a conversation between the job candidate and the business, easy peasy.

“We know that finding the right talent can be challenging”, says Facebook in a blog post.

That’s true; it’s particularly difficult to match the right job to the right person. This is a huge problem in Nigeria, where some people only get jobs based on who they know, rather than how qualified they are for the job. With this feature, Facebook will help your company get exactly the right kind of person for the job opening you want to fill. You see, this is why I like Facebook; they even want us to get better jobs.

Facebook is really trying to expand its reach and change thhe mindset of some people who thinks its all about chatting and liking pictures... Whats your take on this??
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5 Exciting iPhone Tricks You Should Know And Try Out Today

iPhone is one of the most sophisticated phones in the world at the moment. This is because they keep innovating, which is why whenever they launch a new version of the iPhone, customers around the world from long queues at Apple stores hoping to get the first look of the device.

Apple’s iOS has countless functions, features and apps, so many that only a few people ever get to use them all. So, thats y I have decided to write on selected 5 relevant and interesting iPhone featured tricks you should know about.

1. Control Your iPhone with your head

Did you know you can manipulate your iPhone with the movement of your head? Well, it’s possible with the help of some pre-installed apps. If you fancy this incredible feature, go to setting-general-accessibility-switch control and turn this feature on. After activating it, you can select functions that will correspond with your right head movement or left head movement such as increasing or decreasing volume.

2. Siri reads your emails

This is an interesting way of checking your emails. Siri does not only alert you when you have emails, it also unambiguously reads your email. To use this feature, press and hold the home button to activate Siri. After activating, choose my email and Siri will start reading your emails anytime you receive one. It works with iOS 7.

3. Shake iPhone to delete text messages

Yes! You can delete text messages by firmly shaking your phone to delete text messages. With iPhone, you can easily delete unsolicited messages after previewing them and undo the delete function if you choose.

4. Take a photo while shooting videos

The usual phone will not allow you take pictures while shooting a video at the same time but with the iPhone, all things are possible. Simply tap the camera button to snap a picture. Note that your video will not stop recording. However, the quality will be less because you are using the video camera.

5. Do Not Disturb mode

If you are very busy and do not want to be disturbed by notifications, you should activate the do not disturb mode. You can do this from the control centre, swipe upwards and tap the crescent moon icon to select the do not disturb mode. Your calls and alerts will be silenced.

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Discover New Shopping With Jiji

Sponsored post...
Some say that online shopping can never replace live communication and experience you have at a real market. But do you really believe it is so? Well, then it is the time to discover the world of shopping with Jiji.ng to its fullest.

Jiji is the biggest classifieds website in Nigeria, and probably the best one. These aren’t just bare words. With Jiji, people all over the country are free to communicate with ease and make great deals. Here everyone can find the biggest selection of items in various categories and the lowest prices. It is the website, where you can buy literally everything – from a pair of socks to a wedding gown, from a holder for a Smartphone to the best car, from a vase to a house. Sounds pretty attractive, isn’t it? So what will you say about the possibility to start shopping at any time and from any place you want? Yes, every user can do it, too.

So what exactly is Jiji?

·         One of the most famous marketplaces in Nigeria.

·         Almost 600,000 ads from real sellers.

·         Over 15 million sessions every month.

·         Checked sellers with Verified status.

·         Zero rate using, without charges and paying for traffic.

Besides, Jiji offers a specially developed app for Android platform. It doesn’t affect the functionality of the service, but puts half a million ads in your pocket. Jiji App has a long list of advantages.

·         Fast navigation from the Home page.

·         Convenient searching with suggests.

·         Perfectly functioning filters.

·         3 ads display options.

·         Any ad can be added to favorites and you can quickly find and open it later.

·         Fast and convenient posting of ads via the app.

·         Possibility to connect a seller via both phone and messenger.

Even though it sounds perfect, it is not all Jiji can suggest. The service works as a real market, which has moved to a different domain for your convenience. Those, who aren’t familiar with online shopping, will not get lost. It is just impossible thanks to Jiji’s blog, which has collected numerous articles about everything related to online shopping.

You will find directions on how to become a user, how to post ads, how to make them more effective. You’ll learn about new benefits and possibilities. Jiji is constantly developing, so it always has something to suggest.

Here you can find diverse things – both new and used ones. Some people hesitate to buy something pre-owned, but Jiji can help with this, too. Look up for some advice in a blog, and you will learn to get a lot of amazing things without spending too much.

What else do you need to know? Dealing directly with sellers provides some opportunities for smart scammers, but we know how to deal with them, and we will gladly tell you! Check out the blog and don’t be afraid to start.

Writing about Jiji’s benefits can go on and on. We will leave some room for pleasant surprises. Go to Jiji.ng and discover the completely new world of shopping!

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Get The Latest MTN Awoof 1GB and 500MB For Free

MTN is currently giving out a whooping free 1GB and 500MB of data to some lucky customers. This awoof is not for everyone. I meant, you might not be eligible for this awoof data from MTN.

MTN is sending out messages to some customers, telling them to dial some certain codes to get this awoof data. The people that are confirmed eligible for this awoof data are people that received the text message from MTN.

To activate it, you just have to dial *449*2# to activate your offer and after dialing the code, you will get a message like this.. "Congratulations! You have successfully activated FREE 1GB valid for 7 days. Please dial *559*4# to check balance."


==> For 1GB dial *449*2#
==> For 500mb dial *449*1#

Once you got the data on your MTN sim, you can then use it on any internet enabled devices. Be it your PC, Tablet, IOS, iPhone etc. The data is valid for just 7 days.

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