How To Use Your SmartPhone As Wireless Keyboard And Mouse For Your PC

The humble mouse is one of the most ubiquitous peripherals associated with computers. When you use a laptop, you may opt to connect a mouse, but how would you like the idea of use a trackpad or touch pad on a regular computer? It doesn’t matter if you're using a Moto X or Nexus 5, or have a larger screened phone such as a Note 4 or a Nexus 6, you can use your Android phone as a mouse or trackpad to control your computer. 

Using Remote Mouse you can use just about any phone or tablet to control your computer. You can also use the app as a keyboard for text input.

The large screen of a phone such as the Nexus 6 is great for use as a trackpad, but smaller-screened phones work just as well. Getting up and running with Remote Mouse is a two-step process; you'll need to install the app on our phone, and install software in your computer as well.

Set up your PC

Start by visiting the Remote Mouse website on your computer to grab a copy of the necessary software. Click the Get Now link and then click the Windows button. Download the installer and then run through the set up process in the usual way.

There's no configuration needed, as long as you are connected to a wireless network. You'll be prompted to download a copy of the Remote Mouse app for your phone which you can do by scanning the QR code displayed in your web browser, or by simply download via Google Play.

Configure your phone

Make sure your phone and computer are on the same network and setup is simple.
Grab a copy of Remote Mouse, make sure that you are connected to the same wireless network as your computer and then fire up the app. Swipe through the introduction and tap Start.

Remote Mouse
Remote Mouse will perform a network scan and should detect your computer running the desktop software. Establish a connection by clicking the name of your computer in the list that is displayed.

A regular click of the left mouse button takes nothing more than a tap of your phone's screen, while a right click can be achieved by tapping with two fingers at the same time. To mimic the actions of a mouse scroll wheel, place two fingers on the screen and move then up and down. To grab hold of a window or other on-screen object, you can double tap and drag. Click Got It, and you're ready to control your computer.

You'll notice that there is a green area in the top portion of the screen, and this is where you use your phone as a trackpad – just move your finger around and the mouse cursor will follow suit. In the bottom half of the screen you can use your regular Android keyboard to send key presses to your computer – you can hide this by tapping the down arrow to the left of the screen if you are only interested in the trackpad option.

There are a few other little things that Remote Mouse can so. Tap the monitor icon in the row of buttons and you can access an app switcher for jumping between applications on your computer. Scroll over to the right and you'll find a button that allows you to shut down and restart your computer from your phone.

You should find that everything just works as it should but there are a few settings you might want to investigate. Just as with your regular mouse, you can slow down the speed of cursor movement as well as scroll speed, and if you are left-handed, you can switch the position of the buttons.

There is also an option of connecting your android to a malfunctioning mouse so it can act as a replacement. Ill be writing on that soon.

Have you tried using your phone as a mouse either as an emergency measure or just because you like the idea of using a trackpad with your computer?
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Current Paying Ponzi Scheme www.giverzhome.com Launches Tomorrow How To Register

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A platform where you get upto 200% of any amount of money you donate within 5 minutes to 48 hours. Prepare your soul spirit, body, mobile banking apps and pockets yea!.

Our technical team have looked into reasons why such Donation Exchange Schemes similar to ours FAIL and WHY participants lose money and we are doing EVERYTHING within our power to overcome them and we have had a very HIGH success rate so far, so fear of your losing your money shouldn't cross your mind..

Just before I go, here are the Top 5 Reasons WHY people lose money to those fake, scam donation exchange platforms:
1. Greedy Admins who ONLY Get Help without Providing Help
2. Poor bandwidth which makes their websites go offline
3. Lack of support to members issues such as Fake POP
4. Poor participation of members who don’t re-cycle
5. Very low members because Admins do NOT advertise online.

We have solved all the above issues on our platform.

Thank you and see you in the members area.

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How To Mention And React in Facebook Messenger

Facebook seems not to relent on its quest to add as many features as possible. Within some few days, Reactions and Mention features will be added to Messenger globally.

With Messenger new Reactions and Mention features, you'll be able to react to any single message in a thread, and choose between seven different reactions to do so. To add a reaction you press and hold any message and then tap to select one of the following Emojis that shows up: They include love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no.

Those last two ones (which are Yes and No) can also easily be interpreted as "like" and "dislike", respectively, given the fact that they're styled like a thumbs up and thumbs down. Isn't this cool?

How To Mention & React in Facebook Messenger

While you're in a conversation, you'll see reactions to messages in the lower corner, where you get a summary of how many people reacted. Tapping on that will tell you exactly who reacted how. And when someone reacts to one of your messages, you'll get a small animation. If you don't have Messenger open, you'll get a notification telling you that someone has reacted to a message of yours.

Reactions will be available for all messages - text, stickers, videos, images, GIFs, and even other Emojis. And all of this works in all conversations, be they are one on one or of the group type.

Mentions on the other hand are handy for group chats when you want to get someone's attention. Just type the "@" symbol followed by the first few letters of that person's name or nickname. You'll get a list of people that you can pick from. Then write what you want and that participant in your chat will be notified that you've mentioned him or her.

This will be achieved through a new type of notification, which lets them know that you called them out specifically. Whats Your take on this?
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Business Ideas Entrepreneurs Should Apply In 2017 For Your Business To Excel

The idea behind being and entrepreneur isn't only about having some hand-works or being self employed. There are some ideologies being carried  along which might serve as a limitation, but nonetheless, when the positive thoughts/ideas are put into good use, excellent results must surely show forth..

Below are wonderful and powerful business tips and ideas which can be implored by an entrepreneur....

1. Listen More , Talk Less - Learn to listen to what people say about your business,If a consumer of your product or services is talking it is not even enough to keep quiet, Take At A Designated Time.

2. Invest More On Advertisement And Marketing - Don't invest all your time and finances on other things 50% of your time an finance should be channeled to advertising and marketing of your business.

3. Spy On Your Competitors - Watch every move your competitors make , know what thy are upto , Know what is new and what the general public likes.

4. Re-Strategize Your Approaches - Your existing strategy not working why not implore new approaches .

5. Stay Positive - Don't say or think negatively about your business also be positive if things are not working out , Keep on going and say positive.

6. Be Socially Engaged - Your business should be engaged on social platforms . Having a Social Page where clients can easily drop a feedback or request for an update on the latest in stock will definitely keep your business on top .

7. Refuse To Be Constant - Having similar reports year in , year put is bad for business trust me . Refuse to remain the same go the extra mile .

8. Take Risks - Risk taking is one of the fundamental key when it comes to business taking risks and bearing those risks makes you a better business owner.

9. Create A Rapport With Your Patronizers - Having a good relationship with your patronizers makes it easy for you to contact them for updates .

10. Work On Those FeedBacks - Your business might have some feedback from consumers some are good while others are not , try to work on those not so good feedback .

11. Let Your Product (Service) Speak - Don't keep going about talking about your business , take about your product(service) , Let them test and see .

12. Work On Your Failures - You can fail today , tomorrow and forever if you choose but you can fail today and win tomorrow if you work on your yesterday's failure.

13. Make Mistake And Learn From Them - No one is perfect. Learn to work on your mistakes .

14. Don't Say I Try , Say I Can Do Better - Even if you reach your target don't celebrate yet know that you can exit that limit.

15. Don't have Favorites Every Customer Should Be treated Equally - If you are to give discounts ,every client should be given the same value.

16. Procrastination Should Be Your Enemy - Procrastination should not only be your enemy in business but also in life.

17. Refuse To Be Satisfy - When others are celebrating your success , work on how to improve and achieve more.

18. Implore Those 21st Century Methods(Ways) - Give your business a 21st century touch , Use the latest and work with the latest.

19. Upgrade Your Tools - Your tools should not be constant as technology upgrades your tools too should upgrade .

20. Spend More - Many people don't believe in spending money to make money.spend more money and time on your business.

21. Take Advantage Of Situations - When There is a scarcity of something or an event is about to occur , Take advantage of that situation , know what will please people at that instances .

22. Think Outside The Box - Don't continue with the usual routine , try something new.

23. Don't Look At It As A Problem , Look At it as an opportunity - A blessing in disguise is a problem , a problem should be looked upon as a business opportunity .

24. Refuse To Follow The Majority - If Everyone is using this , you go and look for about thing to use, don't follow the crowd let them follow you.

25. Implore New Techniques - For your business to have maximum performances this year look for New Ideas , Innovations and techniques .

26. Don't Stop Trying - It refuse to work remember the great Thomas Edison who created the Electric wears using today try Nine hundred and Ninety Nine Times (999) it was the One thousandth Times that he got it right . he later said "I have discover 999 ways that electricity can not be created".

27. Don't Even Think Of Quitting - Refuse to quit even when all odds are against you.

28. Set Goals and Achieve Those Goals - Set short term and long term goals , what do you want your business to look like in the next two months is a short term goal,How many figure do you want your business to worth in the next ten years is a long term goal.

29. Know What Works For You - Some people can be unique no matter how hard the try , why ? Because the choose to be others instead of been themselves.

30. Work on keeping old customers: As good as pursuing new audience, clients or customers maybe, you shouldn't neglect the old and faithful ones since they have come a long way in bringing your business to the level it is. As a wise man once said one good customer is better than a hundred worthless customers.

31. Never Give Up - I safe the best for the last , Giving up is never an option , Remembers Quitters never Win and Winners Never Quit.

Final Words: Though the list is comprehensive to an extent, it may not be perfect as no one is perfect except God, but having applied the above listed ideas, your business should start showing positive developments for the better..

Thanks for reading, don.t forget to share and share your thoughts in the comments below...
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How To Recover Your Lost Contacts On an Android Device

Make sure all your contacts are being displayed
It’s possible that your contacts are still in your Android device but they're not showing up in your contact list. You can find them right away with just a few steps.

1. Open your Contacts list.

2. Tap on the menu (the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen).

3. Hit Settings and then tap Contacts.

4. Open Contacts to display.

5. You should see a list of the contacts your phone is set to display. Hit All contacts and all the contacts from your apps should now be displayed in your Contacts list.

If you still don’t see your contacts don’t panic yet. Head down for more solutions.

Get your contacts through your Gmail account
Your Gmail account has a special feature that can restore your contacts; if you’ve synced your Android device with your Gmail account then you can utilize this feature. Your email contacts should have other contact information in the email contacts list and you can use this to quickly get your contacts back.

Get on your computer and jump into your Gmail inbox. On the top left-hand side of your screen you should see a dropdown menu called Mail. Click on this and select Contacts. 

Click on Restore Contacts:
There is a dropdown menu underneath your search bar called More. Click this and then select Restore contacts. You should have the screen below.

You can custom restore for up to 30 days on Gmail. Any contact added before then will be recovered. Beware though, if you added a contact after that time then it will be lost. Once you’re finished you just need to resync your Android device.

To sync again, go into the Settings on your Android device. Under accounts, tap Sync. You should see a Sync now button. Hit that and your contacts should return to your device.

Backup your data
To avoid this problem again you should back up all the valuable data on your Android device. We suggest you backup your data through Google. Just make sure you’ve connected your Google account to your phone first.

Jump into your phone’s Settings and tap on Backup and reset. From there you can adjust the settings for your data backup so you don’t lose anything again. You should see your account underneath the Backup account setting. If you don’t see a Google account just tap the button and follow the steps.

Well also there shouldn't be any need to panic as your contact informations remains private and perfectly safe with Google. 

What do you think is the best way to recover lost contacts? Let us know in the comments.
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New Facebook A.I robots can understand most of your Facebook Activities

Facebook has explored further into the world of innovation as it has built a technology that not only allows it better understand users, but also help them connect with the people they're most interested in on the social network.

The company announced yesterday that it has built what it's dubbed DeepText, a deep-learning-based engine designed to read users' posts and comments with what Facebook says is "near human" accuracy.

DeepText, according to Facebook, can read and understand several thousand posts per second thanks to its deep learning capabilities.

Deep learning is a branch of machine learning based on layers of artificial neural networks.

"This is a very good use of machine learning," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "Training a computer to understand not only individual words, but also the meanings of those words when coupled with slang terms, is a very large achievement and one that will open plenty of doors for the company."

Being able to better understand what people are writing should help Facebook get a deeper understanding of its users -- and offer them more interesting content and ads.

"Text is a prevalent form of communication on Facebook," Facebook wrote in a blog post. "Understanding the various ways text is used on Facebook can help us improve people's experiences with our products, whether we're surfacing more of the content that people want to see or filtering out undesirable content like spam."

Artificial intelligence increasingly will be used in the next several years to help companies communicate with users, said Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst.

"Increasingly, all companies will jump onto the A.I. bandwagon," he said. "Of course, the other side of the coin is that this is creepy to many users, especially in these early days. But this is what an industry-wide transition looks like."

Facebook noted that it already is testing DeepText, which can be used with 20 different languages, on Messenger to understand when users want to do something like going somewhere.

"DeepText is used for intent detection and entity extraction to help realize that a person is not looking for a taxi when he or she says something like, "I just came out of the taxi," as opposed to, "I need a ride," the company wrote.

The machine learning technology also is being used on Facebook's main website to help users find tools that might help them.

"For example, someone could write a post that says, 'I would like to sell my old bike for $200, anyone interested?' " wrote the company. "DeepText would be able to detect that the post is about selling something, extract the meaningful information, such as the object being sold and its price, and prompt the seller to use existing tools that make these transactions easier through Facebook."

Olds said users should begin to notice a difference now that DeepText is being used.

"Facebook users will notice that their searches will bring back richer results and will categorize results with much better accuracy," he said. "I would also expect that users will be able to more easily find people and pages on Facebook that better line up with their interests. And with this tech, Facebook will be able to understand much more about their users than ever before."

And by better matching ads to Facebook users, the company can get higher ad rates than before.

This artificial intelligence created by Facebook comes a great help to both advertisers and users alike, and making marketing more profitable. The only downside to this is that we are yet to confirm if this robot only reads text and does not interfere with user privacy. 

What do you think of the recent developments please share and use the comment box. 
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New Features Coming To Windows10

The latest Windows 10 is arguably the most important and feature-laden version of Windows ever. From Cortana integration to Universal apps, the list goes on. But arguably its most important feature is that Windows 10 is an ‘operating system as a service,’ meaning that it will continue to receive ongoing updates for enhancing its features and functionality. So here are some of the features on their way.

Your Face Is Your Password

As long as you have a face, Windows Hello wants to make sure you don’t need a password. Microsoft is making its fingerprint- and face-unlock features available to apps across the platform, and is even going to allow websites to authenticate you using Hello, as long as you’re in the Edge browser. Hello is an awesomely fast way to unlock your computer, and should work just as well everywhere. Just, you know, don't get decapitated—then you won't be able to log in with this cool feature. 

Genius-Level Sticky Notes

Microsoft’s Bryan Roper said during the Build keynote that 8 million people use Windows 10’s built-in sticky notes app every month, and 3 million use it every day. So Microsoft has made the notes a little smarter. They do a good job of reading your handwriting, and Cortana can recognize dates and turn notes into reminders. It’s particularly useful if you’re writing with a Surface Pen. Speaking of which...

The Pen Is Mightier

Pen input is really, really important to Microsoft. And the Windows 10 Anniversary update has a lot of pen involved. You can use an on-screen ruler to draw perfectly straight lines, draw a line between two dots in Maps to calculate the distance, highlight and delete text in Word, and much more. Pen’s only one of many input mechanisms in Windows 10, but it’s clearly one of the most important.

Facebook Goes Windows-Native

The Windows Store, and the universal apps within, are critical to the long-term success of Microsoft’s one-platform-everywhere strategy. Facebook’s been a big missing piece for a long time, but now it’s bringing The Big Blue App, plus Instagram and Facebook Messenger, to the store.

Your Xbox Is a PC Now

At long last, Microsoft has turned its game console into the full-fledged PC it’s always been meant to be. (The reverse is also true, as more and more games come to PC and Xbox.) The Xbox and Windows stores are now one thing, available everywhere, which means you’ll soon be able to run games, apps, and Cortana everywhere. Say hello to your new living room computer.

HoloLens Is Coming. Someday. Really.

Alex Kipman, one of the co-inventors of Microsoft’s futuristic HoloLens augmented-reality tool, got very excited when he announced that the first developer kits are shipping. To get people building, Microsoft has made a new app called Galaxy Explorer, and put all the code on GitHub for developers to peruse. NASA showed off some apps it’s already using, too. HoloLens is still a long way away for most people, but it’s getting a little  closer all the time.

Cortana Is Everywhere You Are

Even if you’re not into the voice-assistant thing, you’re not going to be able to avoid Cortana for long. Now it works on the lockscreen, meaning you can yell “Hey Cortana” from across the room to get stuff done. It’s integrated into apps, looking for calendar appointments and reminders and helpfully suggesting apps you might want to use. It’s always watching, always running, always trying to help no matter what you’re doing.

Hello, Clippy 2.0

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella basically came out at Build and said the future of Microsoft is bots. “Chat as an interface,” he called it. Microsoft is hoping developers will build simple bots that let people order pizza, buy plane tickets, do absolutely anything you can think of. They want to make sure everything works through simple chat interfaces, in a way that normal (non-programmer) users can figure out. They’ll work with almost any app or platform, all hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Watch your back, Alexa.

Skype Is Getting Love Again

If conversational interfaces are the future, then Skype just got a promotion. The app is going to be deeply integrated with Cortana, and you’ll be able to chat with bots to do almost anything, a la Facebook’s artificial assistant M. Skype’s in HoloLens, on Windows, on your phone, it’s everywhere. And it’s about to become even more important to the next phase of computing at Microsoft.

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steps To Turn Off Apple iMessage and FaceTime

I saw this interesting piece of article here, and decided th share it. How to switch off Apple iMessage. You really need to do this before selling off your iPhone/iPad to port to a non-Apple smartphone. Switching off Apple iMessage before selling off your iOS device will allow you to receive text messages sent to you from an iPhone after porting to a non-Apple smartphone. Below are the easy steps to switch off Apple iMessage and FaceTime.


==> Transfer your SIM card to your iPhone.

==> Go to Settings.

==> Tap Messages.

==> Turn iMessage off.

==> Go back to Settings.

==> Locate and Tap FaceTime.

==> Turn FaceTime off.

==> Exit Settings.

READ ALSO: Two Methods To Get Hanged Or Freezed iPhone Working Back

If You No Longer Have Your iPhone

If you have given your iPhone away, or lost it, or someone has stolen your iPhone, you can turn off iMessage by visiting the Apple website here.
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This Super mCharge Tecnology Allows You to Get 100% Full Charge in 20Minutes

Recently, Meizu announced its Super mCharge technology at MWM2017. Super mCharge is rated at 55W (at 11V/5A), which is dramatically more power than Motorola’s 28.5W TurboPower or Qualcomm’s 18W Quick Charge 3.0 methods. According to Meizu, that’s enough to fully charge a 3000mAh Super mCharge-rated battery in just 20 minutes, which is certainly impressive if it actually holds up in the real world.

This time around, the mCharge was demonstrated at Meizu’s headquarters in the presence of a visiting Taiwanese reporter. From the reporter’s perspective, he was able to record only 18 minutes and 12 seconds as the time it took a phone to go from 0 to 100%. The reporter also noted there was no heat despite the super quick charge delivered is a short burst.

And in a world where exploding Smartphone batteries are a lingering concern, Meizu promises that Super mCharge batteries will only reach around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than the 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit that it claims Quick Charge 3.0 batteries can reach.

Though Meizu hasn’t announce the smartphones that will be using mCharge technology, but I’m guessing it won’t take much time before we start seeing devices with super mcharge technology.

Source: yomiprof.com
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