YouTube Rolling Out Stories Just Like Instagram

I must say I wasn't surprised with this update as I was already anticipating it for a while. You know as a popular saying goes "if you can't beat them, join them". That may go against everything they teach you in business school, but that’s the lesson we can draw from the past two years Instagram’s spent steadfastly copying Snapchat and remaining at the top of the game!.

Now Google YouTube has joined the league, announcing YouTube stories to all eligible creators with10K+ subscribers. With YouTube stories, you can add text, music, filters, YouTube stickers, and more to make your story uniquely you.

How to Create YouTube Story

To create a story, just open the YouTube mobile app, tap on the video camera icon, and select “Create Story.”

Comments have also been added to stories – so the entire community can be a part of the conversation. Subscribers can comment, thumbs up and thumbs down comments, and you can heart comments.

And all of the comment moderation tools that are available on video uploads will also be available on Stories. You can now also respond directly to a fan comment with a photo or video for the entire community to see!

Stories are available in the mobile app for 7 days once live and all your fans will see it within that 7 days. WellI guess you might be able to monetize your stories but no official updates has been given on that yet.
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Smile Launches Sim With Data and Free Voice Minutes

Leading 4G LTE telecommunications service provider, Smile Nigeria has taken steps to serve its teeming customers by introducing the All-in-One SIM offer in such a manner that customers can connect and enjoy free Smile to Smile voice and video calls, to any local operator.

The All-in-One SIM offer comes with unlimited on-net calls, 250 minutes to call any local network, 250 SMS, 1.5GB data and zero roaming charges while abroad. Customers can make calls from abroad at local rates.

Features of SMILE All-in-One SIM
For individual users to be used in a mobile phone device
Includes 1.5GB data with data speed up to 21Mbps valid 30 days
Includes unlimited on-net calls for 30 days
Includes 250 local SMSs valid 30 days
The package which costs not more than N3000 has a validity of 30 days.

Remember that you can still enjoy unlimited lite monthly data plans if you are resident within Asaba, Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Onitsha and kaduna for just N10,000

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Laptop Gaming A Creation To Alternatives You've Not Heard Of!

This article is supposed to train the ones less informed on what makes up a definitely surprising piece of technology. Irrespective of where you pass in recent times seeking out data on the gaming network in preferred, you are sure to find that simply beneath the object you are reading, there's a slurry of both playstation  3, xbox 360, or pc loyalists going at it within the remark phase, arguing about who is is the better or extra powerful machine, making use of all of their wits to subvert the opinion of every person who has one apart from their very own; but some of the time spent surfing heaps upon lots of these memories and their respective remark containers,

I've come to note one factor. Among the claims and opinionated assaults coming typically for the playstation  3 and xbox 360 crowds had been no longer based totally in truth; but alternatively a aggregate of logo loyalty and a severe case of what I can most effective describe as piggybacking at the ego's and speakme factors of the console manufacturers themselves.

Having little or no to no understanding of the real internal workings of the consoles those human beings are left touting names of additives that were closely advertised throughout their release i.E. Cell processor, rsx chip, xenon, xenos and so forth. No longer to mention the graphical prowess of either console or subsidiary writer/developer. Regardless of the motives can be for protection of any console, isn't to be puzzled neither is it worth gaining knowledge of. The actual disgrace of it all is the fact that some of the impressions and out of place self belief of the common console gamer appear to be simply a showing suit among  already very dated pieces of hardware.

So in light of all of this we the laptop game enthusiasts would really like to carry a few truth to the desk and provide an explanation for a few of the matters we have been the usage of for years now.

Vocabulary words (look up the definition).

1. "hd"
2. "physx or physics"
Three "blu-ray, dvd, cd, floppy, cartrige"
Four "subsequent gen"?
Five. "anti-aliasing"
6 "texture resolution"
7. "ram (random get entry to reminiscence)

In no particular order here are a few matters that are popular to tout as features in consoles yet are in reality handicapped or are only marginally incorporated and given the name of being the reducing side real aspect.

First and essential hd, a concept greater so than a specification. What is hd? Normally that is any display decision over that which your antique tv is capable of somewhere around four hundred traces of resolution by means of 500.

Crt laptop video display units have used a decision of 480x640 800x600 1024x768 for the final 10 years. Should this be considered hd? Guess it relies upon in your opinion. Early on on this console battle 1080p1920x1080 become touted as the last in high definition by people who owned the ps3. However afterward a hardware revision of the xbox 360 console added in an hdmi port able to transmitting this coveted signal bringing the scales lower back to stage.

Nowadays attaining this fantastically regarded resolution in triple "a" titles on either the ps3 or the 360 has taken a extra realistic back burner to the performance budget affordable 720p. 1280×720 a mind-blowing 1,152,000 pixels in line with each rendered frame less than the former. Even cutting the pixel price range in less than half each console has problem freeing video games that truly attain this purpose. Nowadays for much less than a hundred bones you could grasp your self a video card with the intention to play any game you could buy at this resolution on a computer. One hundred fifty for 1080p 250 for 2560x1600 or 4096000 pixels in line with rendered body.

Physics are just a count of ways a good deal horsepower you have left after images to calculate collisions and forces transferable among objects in any given sport surroundings. Depending on how often in step with 2d these calculations arise and the constancy of the formulation used, video games ranging from 2d to 3-D irrespective of the resolution can efficaciously include those technology. The question is.... How a lot horsepower needs to be reserved in order to painting the gaming revel in without a significant drop in body price or different facet effects negative to the enjoy.

Another query might be the way to restriction the quantity of physically interactive items onscreen at any given time. Depending on the velocity of your cpu or lately gpu through middleware which includes cuda nvidia physx or opencl ati a pc is capable of huge amounts of physical interactions immediately. Some thing never visible on a domestic console in recreation. Now not for loss of choice however for loss of natural horsepower. See ati's gpu demo outlining the concept.

Blu-ray is a statistics storage device. Merely a media capable of conserving 50 gigabytes of statistics. Blu ray does not determine the pleasant of the facts nor the "snap shots" of the game. Once again a storage tool able to keeping 50 gigabytes of facts. A dvd is a garage tool able to maintaining 9 gigabytes of records. Nevertheless records not quality.

Next gen graphics. A not unusual misconception. What this clearly meas is the subsequent era of "console" portraits. Pc games have had this stage of constancy lengthy earlier than this rendition of sony and microsoft's poster children. Nowadays the laptop is being held lower back by using the console community. The declaration of fact is that with an educated customer you have to work more difficult to promote your product pc gaming community. With an uneducated purchaser (console market) your money is routinely assumed because of logo loyalty and pr euphemisms.

An instance of euphemism. 2x anti-aliasing assuming 2x sincerely suggests off what antialiasing does is a not unusual mistake of the average console proprietor. Nowadays up to 32x antialasing is available one manner or another at the computer. Your preference 2x 4x 8x 16x etc.

Texture decision; another seriously handicapped component of the console international. Regardless of which console you very own today none have the to be had ram to keep a number of hundred megabytes of texture vertex and level facts. In particular given the shared gpu-cpu ram architecture. On laptop it is not unusual to have 1 gb of gddr5 memory on the gpu alone.

Now not to mention the common of 2gb and up machine reminiscence available to switch records to and fro to the gpu. The computer is very absolutely the best platform able to control the large amounts of facts in any powerful way in sport, giving the ability to ramp up the feel decision to extremely high ranges. Every other component to note is the ability to pick out what specific aspects of the game are rendered at what degree of fidelity. Low,,medium, excessive, very excessive, and ultra Laptop video games are the fathers of the console mix ups. 

All tech you spot on a console was designed written debugged and launched on a computer in a single way or another first. Being a pc gamer chiefly educates you on the technologies used in a few of the video video games you play. Supplying you with the technical realize the way to see through smoke and mirrors of pr and advertising and get down to the grit of what you are procuring and whether or not or now not you need to shop for into untested and or unproven technologies that have a habit of below handing over time and time once more. For avid pc game enthusiasts anywhere.
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How To Set Up Goals and Funnels With Google Analytics

Every internet site has a major goal and to attain the goal you set desires. Those goals are broken into steps that need to be taken so as to attain the goal which receives you one step towards satisfying your goal.

The procedure of going via every step is your funnel. Dreams allow you to see the conversion price and financial price of your visitors.

Funnels assist you to reveal how regularly your web site site visitors start the conversion manner, complete it, abandon it and at what factor they abandon so that you can paintings on methods to improve your go back on funding (roi).

A few examples of dreams is probably monitoring how many human beings completed your income system and reached the thank you/down load web page.

It might be monitoring what number consumers take you up on your upsell provide and in which within the procedure the relaxation abandon the offer.

For this demonstration, we are able to be using google analytics desires to degree how properly our approximately web page works at sending visitors to our services web page.

To get started out you'll want:

    first: to have your goals (up to 20) and funnel figured

    2d: to recognize the urls for every web page for your funnel (up to ten)

    1/3: to know the fee of your purpose (non-compulsory) - you'll locate an explanation similarly down.

    Fourth: an existing google analytics account with the tracking code installed for your internet site.

Step #1: pick out your profile & navigate to dreams setup area log into your account and from the view reports dropdown, pick the site in which you want to installation your goals.

Pick out "desires" from the left sidebar.

Within the goals assessment phase, click on the "set up goals and funnels" hyperlink at the bottom.

Step #2: installation desires inside the goals phase, you have got the choice to feature up to 4 sets of conversion dreams. You could then add as much as 5 dreams in step with "set".

Click "add goal" next to dreams (set 1) to get commenced.

You may have several locations to fill in to get your goal installation. Permit's quick undergo each item...

Aim name: call your goal something you'll speedy apprehend

Lively intention: make sure your purpose is grew to become "on" so it's going to tune. Turning it "off" will stop the tracking but now not delete the goal.

Purpose function: this allows you to manipulate the order in which a intention seems to your report.

It additionally helps you to pass a intention from one set to another while not having to installation a totally new aim.

If that is the primary intention you're putting in place, from the drop-down menu, pick "set 1, intention 1".

Aim kind: there are 3 types of desires; url vacation spot, time on web site and pages/views.

When you select the aim type you want to installation, a "desires details" box will open, allowing you to enter extra details about your intention.

Suit kind: you have got three options for how you want to healthy your aim...

    Specific fit - an precise in shape of every character on your url - with out exception in line with google, you'd use this when your urls are smooth to examine and do no longer vary.
    Head match - this fits the same a part of the url string you specify. So that you can specify most effective a part of the url and it's going to most effective in shape that component.Google suggests you operate this option if your website has dynamically generated content material, use the top match clear out and miss the precise values.

    Normal expression fit - with this selection you could create wildcard matching. This may be useful whilst you're monitoring a couple of gadgets from inside a folder such as down load hyperlinks.

For instance, if you had more than one downloadable products in a folder referred to as "downloads" that became housed in a folder called "contributors" you will enter /individuals/downloads/ in the regular expression field and it'd tune all of the documents within that folder.Case sensitive: are the urls you entered above case touchy? In that case take a look at this.

Purpose fee: in case your intention of completion has a dollar fee, input it here.

Example: if your product sells for $one hundred and  that 20% of the individuals who go to the web page will purchase, you may assign a $20 cost to your intention.

If you're going to add a intention funnel, click the "plus signal". In case you're no longer, click "save goal". Step #three: set up funnel we chose to do a url vacation spot aim so here we will input the url to the first web page of our conversion funnel.

This web page should be a commonplace web page that each one users working their manner via your goal will land on - usually now not your product page.

Call the step so you can without difficulty apprehend it within the reviews. If this step is required to complete the conversion procedure, test the box.

Vital! If you choose this, any users reaching your purpose page without going through this web page will now not remember as conversions.

Repeat the technique to set up the remaining steps to your funnel & click on save while completed.

We most effective have one web page for our funnel and one purpose so we are completed.

Once your completed putting in your desires and funnels, it is time to attend. How lengthy you wait depends on how busy your web site is and the way lengthy you want to song the entirety. Step #four: checking stats whilst you're prepared to test your stats, log into your account, choose the appropriate profile after which click desires as you probably did in step 1.

The first page you see might be your desires overview web page.

We set our aim & funnel up on march twenty eighth in order you can see, there are not any stats prior to that point.

From the above web page, you may get many perspectives of your stats.

Dates: inside the upper right corner you'll see the date span.

You may select the drop-down arrow to trade your date variety.

We modified ours to march 27th so we had a higher view of simply the dates being tracked.

You can additionally take a look at stats by hours, days, weeks and months by means of clicking the icons directly underneath the date as shown underneath in the inexperienced field.

Goal conversion rate: clicking the intention conversion fee tab will can help you exchange the view of your graph.

You may view one after the other, examine  or evaluate one web site to every other (offering you've got multiple website online installation).

Superior segments: clicking the "all visits" above the date will allow you to pick out what segments you want to view.

You can also create new segments custom designed specifically for you.

Goal verification: clicking intention verification within the sidebar will convey up your principal stats and display you the page urls being tracked in conjunction with their character stats.

Opposite goals course: clicking opposite dreams route inside the sidebar you will be able to see wherein your visitors got here from and in which they went to, to arrive at that vacation spot.

Goal funnel visualization: clicking funnel visualization within the sidebar will provide you with a visual study your pages.

Ours isn't analyzing efficiently because we handiest have on web page in our funnel.

You should have a couple of in order for it to reveal correctly.

I hope you've got found this educational informative and that it's far some thing you may use on your on-line commercial enterprise. In case you are already using them, or plan to apply them in your enterprise then i'd love to get your comments in your experience inside the feedback phase under.

I educate marketers and business proprietors a way to use social advertising and marketing to growth their profits whilst constructing their brand and their enterprise.
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Online Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Promotiion

Contrary to famous perception (or what maximum multilevel marketing people might favor to accept as true with), on-line mlm promotion campaign is come what may exceptional from an offline mlm merchandising campaign. You cannot certainly attempt to practice the equal successful offline multilevel marketing campaign on line and wish that it will be as successful on-line.

There is largely one principal distinction among offline and online multi level marketing promotion: one-on-one approach as opposed to one-on-many technique. In offline promotions, one-on-one approach and follow up on each lead is a totally essential component. If you may follow up on a prospective lead and correctly teach him approximately you multilevel marketing application, you have yourself a downline. If not, you'll have to wipe the tears off your eyes and try your success with the subsequent potential lead.

A really perfect on-line promotion inside the other hand, is based very little on one-on-one follow up. With the energy of the internet, it is viable to discover folks who are already inquisitive about multi level marketing, willing to put money into promoting it and train them approximately your mlm program all mechanically. This way it's miles possible so that it will have many potential leads on the identical time, teach all of them at the same time automatically and therefore makes your chance of recruiting downlines considerably bigger.

To do a successful on-line mlm advertising, it is first-rate to recognise first what to keep away from in doing it. Here are the wrong methods most of the people are doing in promoting their online multilevel marketing software:

1. Selling a web mlm in an offline media

With the aid of offline media, we suggest normal magazines or newspapers you commonly subscribe to or offered on bookstores. A few human beings may think that if they sell their multi level marketing program in time magazine or wall avenue journal, they may immediately get thousands of leads who will without problems become downlines. Anyway, nearly each person read time magazine, proper? Genuine, however to inform you the reality, almost no person who is studying a magazine or a newspaper will placed down something it is they are analyzing, dash frantically to the laptop and sort the url you sell to check it out.

Most people will assume "this can be ok to attempt. I will browse the web site while i am getting to my pc" then read on. After they subsequently get to their laptop some hours later, they most probably have completely forgotten about your advert.

2. Selling an online mlm in a web advertisements web page

There are  reasons why this is a bad move: first, because there at the moment are actually lots of advertisements websites on the internet. None of them is a chief player within the area, this means that you need to attempt to put up to all of them for max publicity. 2d, due to the fact most of the websites don't rate something to put advertisements on their websites, a number of other human beings also are selling there.

To get a first rate wide variety of people viewing your advert, you need to placed your mlm merchandising advert in at least numerous masses advertisements web sites. There are softwares out there that can do that automatically, however if all of us's the usage of a specialized software to do this, then your advert might be competing against tens of thousand of different advertisers' ads, and as quickly as your advert appears it will likely be pushed downward by using different commercials from other advertisers. The threat of the right type of lead seeing your ad inside the proper time and the proper temper could be very narrow if you do this approach.

3. What could make all those 2 errors even worse: the use of long and forgettable url

This third mistake can simplest make the previous 2 mistakes even worse. In case you are very lucky and an keen lead finally reads your mlm advert and makes a decision to visit the url you are selling (let's consider it is something long and ugly like yourmlmcompany.Com/cgi-bin/prospect1.Cgi?Sponsorid=1192349&message=1192. If he decides to sign on proper there and then after studying the promotional material, you're to be congratulated as one of the luckiest mlm distributor within the records of the industry.

However, if he would not join up immediately (which is very regular), he can also need to revisit your site later after some deep contemplation. Unluckily for you, he may not don't forget your long url whilst he receives lower back from his contemplation. He may additionally most effective recollects the yourmlmcompany.Com element and sort it in into his browser. This will carry up the identical specific page he visited, however this time you won't be his upline if he symptoms up. Unhappy, isn't always it?

After searching at the incorrect ways to do an internet mlm promotion, let's take a look at the best approaches of doing it below:

1. Selling an online multi level marketing in an multilevel marketing/internet business associated ezine

An ezine is an electronic booklet sent out by its publishers on a well timed basis through electronic mail to its readers. Readers of multilevel marketing/internet commercial enterprise associated ezines are very inquisitive about the topic, and they're a totally responsive marketplace for your mlm ads. Your commercials could be placed earlier than/after or between articles, depending on how plenty money you're inclined to pay.

Positioned your ads in one of the multi level marketing/internet business associated ezines, and you're assured many certified leads who can be easy to transform into downlines if your mlm enterprise has a great observe up machine.

2. Selling an internet mlm with pay consistent with click search engines like google

That is one of the most powerful online mlm promotion approach recognised nowadays. Many widely recognized search engines like google and yahoo together with google now "lease" a element in their seek end result page to be used by paid advertisers to place their advertisements on. For every "click" to your website, you have to pay a certain amount of cash (starting from as low as 5 cents).

With this promoting approach, your mlm promotional ad can display up on the seek result page of google if someone types in multi level marketing related queries within the search box. Believe the electricity of it. A lead wanting to join an mlm application, typing within the word "multi level marketing program" into google, and reads your ad when the hunt results are displayed. Will he click on to find out more? Maximum probably.

3. What should make all the ones 2 right techniques even greater successful: using brief and remarkable url.

It is viable to direct every prospect travelling myownmlm.Com  without they ever knowing the distinction. This manner, your prospect can don't forget your url tons more without difficulty, and on every occasion they visit your url again, you will nevertheless be their upline of they join up.

This very beneficial function is now to be had from as cheap as $8 per year on the internet. Just search inside the serps for "reasonably-priced area call with frame forwarding" (without the rates) and you may discover many alternatives to pick out from.


Maximum of the incorrect ways of doing on-line multi level marketing promotion are loose techniques. Avoid this seemingly money unfastened methods. They seem to be free at the first look, however ultimately they bring about you very little end result and devour very much of it slow.

All the right ways of doing on line multi level marketing promotion are paid techniques. Maximum novices in multi level marketing try to avoid these techniques, yet they bring in the most end result and not using a wasted time to your element.
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Teaching English Language Made Easy

Each person who has taught or is teaching English as a foreign language will recognize that it's not as clean as it would appear. Sincerely now not, four year antique youngsters are the same everywhere in the global, they lose interest without problems, they like to mess around, they want quite plenty constant leisure and stimulation. 

That's where you as the teacher want to step up and continuously generate new and interesting ways to get your message across. It is no longer just a case of status in the front of the elegance and making them repeat once you.

Here's a few guidelines taken from my very own experience, of interesting methods to provide your teaching material:

Teens, they prefer to make a point of being bored and not finding anything exciting. Anybody with teenage kids can relate to this! Embarrassment and shyness is likewise an problem, specially so in thailand! A very good manner to carry them out of their shells is using things which you understand all youngsters are inquisitive about these days, anything generation related.

I primarily based a lesson round cellular telephones (they have all were given one, in thailand a few youngsters have two telephones!). Educate them the precise vocabulary around phones and making telephone calls, tie that during with a particular demanding you is probably teaching as properly. Get them to textual content each different in english (phones are available with different scripts, thai included). Fortunately in thailand kids have a tendency to communicate in english when texting and emailing anyway, that is a terrific issue that you could hijack. Additionally get half the kids to go away the room and make calls to each other.

Some other popular magnificence involved splitting the class into two and giving each group a digital digital camera and asking them to create their personal actual life comic strip. They had to assume up their personal brief story and take 10 photos to demonstrate it. I needed to break up this over  training, the next week i delivered of their images. Then they needed to create the comic strip and narrate the tale in english. They were given clearly involved and enjoyed this. I used this workout as a destroy from the textual content e-book, which everybody gets bored of! It also gave them a chance to use their universal english skills and they failed to experience so constrained.

Young adults also love music, thai teenagers love english and american boy-band type tune. This exercising relies on you having an mp3 or ipod and speakers though! Download an average westlife song (alternative westlife for any famous boy band!), get copies of the lyrics (widely to be had at no cost at the internet) and blank out positive words. Play the song lower back to the class and get them to fill in the blanks, that is a superb listening exercising and in reality beats the cringeworthy cassettes that accompany textual content books. If you don't thoughts gambling the clown, sing the track your self, youngsters continually relate to a instructor that does not mind making a idiot of himself/herself.

- pre-young adults typically have the rebellious streak but without the inhibitions of teenagers so may be even greater difficult to maintain them focussed. Of route this is a generalisation, each toddler is exclusive! I found that energetic video games had been terrific to burn off some of the extra strength! One truly a hit game worried splitting the class into pairs and sticking numerous print outs of text on the partitions outside the class. One of the pair had to run out of doors, study some of the textual content, run again in and recite it to their associate who needed to write it down. Then they needed to swap and examine from a different textual content. This was performed as a race (25% of the marks), however additionally at the accuracy of what they'd written (seventy five%).

A few more grown up reducing and sticking may paintings (you need to understand your class to judge if this will work or now not). For instance i had one all girl class and had a lesson approximately fashion vocabulary. After all the boring teaching stuff, i passed them a few fashion magazines, paper, scissors and glue to create a university for the study room wall. Of route this had to be annotated and based totally on a specific theme.

- the children, if they're for your facet your maximum fun training might be with those. In the event that they flip in opposition to you, it's chaos before you are aware of it! It is important to have now not best a lesson plan and a backup plan, but additionally some other few backup plans and a stack of greater video games and activities reachable for these training. The age group more or less from four-6 have notoriously brief interest spans and want regular stimulation. At the same time as the lesson can be based totally on a theme (ie: numbers, animals etc) you will want to chop and alternate activities and preserve the proper "teaching" to a minimum. Again you may need to know your class and work will work or no longer.

Singing is normally famous, take a quick music and train the phrases line via line. This will involve you creating a idiot of your self by way of singing it to them (not all teachers are at ease with this). Then deliver in the music and feature a few goes and each line before trying the whole song. If they are entering into it you can locate an hour has gone earlier than you are aware of it. As with every activity, if it's falling flat on its face usually be organized to scrap it and pass on.

Hangman - an vintage classic, however now not to be overused! This recreation is a a laugh way to boost any new words learnt in a lesson.

Drawing at the whiteboard - in case your youngsters are not too shy to step up in front of the class, supply them a noun (ideally one just learnt, ie: apple) and ask them to draw it on the board. Otherwise you do the drawing and ask them to shout out the phrase.

Ten pin bowling - in thailand i was in a position to shop for a completely cheap, plastic bowling set. Installation a bowling sport on the floor and ask a person to maintain the rankings. That is notable fun and also reinforces numbers.

Say it quicker - that is continually a amusing game that brings on a few guffawing suits! Essentially supply the class a list of words or sentences (relying how advanced they may be) and ask them to say a phrase/sentence in flip, starting by using saying it slowly on the primary spherical. You then gradually accelerate until it breaks down into fits of laughter!

Those are only some guidelines, in case you're an english language instructor searching out a few greater recommendations or looking to get into the industry leave me a comment on my weblog together with your email address and i will get returned to you.


Teaching can be quite worthwhile but shouldn't be taken lightly. As stated above do not look for a coaching job simply as a manner to live in a country, it'll be ugly for all involved. The activity calls for lots of planning, ardour and power and a dedication for your students.
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MTN InstaBinge Bundle Get 1GB for N200

MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is an Instagram bundle that allows Pulse customers enjoy access to Instagram anytime of the day at a special rate.

Pulse InstaBinge bundle comes in two bundles rate which is 250MB for N100 and 1GB for N200 valid only for 24hrs.The offer is exclusive to Pulse users, meaning you need to migrate to Pulse by dialing *406*1#

How Can I Subscribe?
You can subscribe to any Pulse InstaBinge bundle via the following channels:

USSD: Dialling *406# and selecting your preferred InstaBinge plan.
SMS: Sending INSTD1 to 131 for InstaBinge Lite bundle and INSTD2 to 131 for InstaBinge Heavy bundle.
To check InstaBinge bundle balance,  dial *559*39#.

I thinks this is a good move by MTN to draw more subscribers to themselves.
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Bitcoin and Other CryptoCurrencies Continues to Fall

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

"decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation"

Cryptocurrencies has continued to slump, with Bitcoin approaching the $4,000 mark for the first time since October 2017, in the wake of a split of one of the largest major tokens and increased regulatory scrutiny of initial coin offerings.

Bitcoin declined as much as 14.57 percent to $4630, while so-called alternative coins slumped even more, with Ether tumbling as much as 14.28 percent and Litecoin cratering as much as 13 percent. XRP, the token associated with Ripple, was the lone gainer among major digital currencies. The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index fell as much as 78.4 percent to a one year-low on a closing basis.

The cryptocurrency industry has now lost more than $660 billion in value from a January peak, according to data from CoinMarketCap.com. Bitcoin is down more than 70 percent from its December 2017 high, the data show.

Volatility has returned to cryptocurrencies, with the largest tokens shedding billions in market value since the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash debuted last week. That came as two software-development factions failed to agree on a way to upgrade the offshoot of the original Bitcoin, leading to a computing power arms race.

Thomas J. Lee, managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors and a long-time crypto bull, slashed his year-end price target for Bitcoin to $15,000 from $25,000.

Crypto-specific events have led to greater uncertainty in the crypto market, including the contentious hard fork for Bitcoin Cash. Said Lee.

Source : yomiprof
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Your Online Manual To a Hit Search Engine Ratings

Does it feel like something you do your website just won't pass up inside the online search engine ratings? If so, your Internet site won't be maximized well sufficiently for the serps to enhance your rankings. There are some important factors that discover where net site are ranked. Those variables are referred to as on-line seo (search engine optimization) methods and they are able to make all the distinction for your web sites ranks.

Under are some of the most crucial variables that the net seek engine make use of in determining your placement:.

1. Web site content material.

Excellent content on your internet site is one of the maximum crucial components for successful search engine optimization. Your internet website desires to provide useful records on specific topics applicable on your enterprise and update it often if feasible.

It's additionally crucial which you do not try to fool the web seek engine by using swamping them with some of fashions of the same internet page, duplicating the same cloth again and again. Doing with a purpose to without a doubt no longer help your rankings and could in the end result in your website getting outlawed from the search engines like google.

2. Hyperlink enchantment.

Incoming hyperlinks are vital for attaining higher search engine positions. Among the serps today considers and relates to hyperlink popularity as one of the maximum substantial components of your website's rankings.

Below are many of the first-rate means to get inbound links:.

* articles - compose and submit write-united states of americato website's and write-up directories is a remarkable method to reap incoming hyperlinks.

* content material - it's going to no longer simply help your ranking but it'll additionally useful resource your hyperlink reputation via satisfactory content material. This will open an opportunity wherein webmasters would love to hyperlink on your internet site specifically those applicable to their personal traffic but make certain incoming links came from excessive pr web sites.

* directories - filing your website online to online directory websites will virtually help you and benefit inbound web links.

* blogs - start a blog website which you can update often with information associated with your website's niche. Then, associate it along with your web page from the blog web page. You could additionally post your blog site to unique blog web site directory web sites to acquire greater inbound links.

* net link exchanges - in reality find numerous different excessive high-quality websites related to yours and negotiate with webmasters to companion with you in exchange for an internet link back to them. This is not as powerful as it was but it's far still a quite excellent manner to get one manner link if viable.

While trying to beautify your web link enchantment keep in mind that the excessive inbound root area hyperlinks you purchased the higher, yet pinnacle satisfactory is continually higher compared to quantity. Steer clean of from shabby websites, ffa's, and sites now not relevant to yours.

The approaching matters that want to be considered whilst doing seo to your internet site are the on-site and the off-site additives. A number of the on-website additives are the title tag, meta tags, heading tags, alt tags and highlighting of the content using the robust tag. The internet link textual content is an critical off-web site thing.

On-web site elements:.

Three. Name tag and meta tags.

Meta tags assist and describe the web page in which they may be placed. Even though today the meta tags aren't nearly as critical as they once have been and are most simply now not the handiest factors the engines like google search for while indexing your internet site, they're nevertheless as an alternative vital in choosing the relevance of the web page for a key words seek.

Online seek engine concentrate on three primary tags to assist them and determine the importance of a website for a certain seek expression. The title tag, meta keywords and the meta summary...

Ideally the identify tags ought to have much less than 64 personalities along with your maximum crucial keywords in them and should maximum virtually pertain to the content at the page. Do no longer stuff key phrases in to the name tag!

The meta description tag is a summary of the page and its components. This meta tag must be 2 hundred characters or a lot less and have to include phrases and keywords you anticipate to be positioned for, but it should additionally overview like an initial lead-in for the net page and be thrilling the reader. The summary you provide your net web page has to lure the tourist that they've located precisely what they were searching for.

Most likely the least vital meta tag to on-line seek engine is the keyword tag. However, it shouldn't be brushed off. Key-word tags have to be much less as compared to 1000 characters. This tag needs to function crucial key phrases and expressions steady with the body textual content, identify, and content material of the web page. Be unique and certain with the important thing phrases and essential expressions on this tag. Once again, do not stuff key phrases right here... They have to simply be those which might be in fact on the net web page and do now not reproduction any sort of phrase more than 3 times.

4. Heading tags.

The going tags are offered an awful lot more weight than the normal textual content. The greater the h tag the even more weight it holds. You must make use of the heading tags to focus on the vital key terms and headings of your net page and also the paragraph headers.

5. Colourful text.

Strong textual content is given a chunk even more weight than normal content material but not so long as heading tags. When they show up at the web web page, make sure to surround some of your key phrases in formidable tags.

6. Alt content material.

The alt tag presents opportunity content whilst images couldn't be proven... This may take area if the customers have set the browsers simplest to down load and set up the textual content and no longer the photos, or if the photos are as properly heavy to download for the individual's internet connection. Simply function essential key phrases pertinent in your website online and the image and do now not stuff key phrases in them.

Off-web page elements:.

7. Link text.

This is an incredibly essential variable in search engine optimization to benefit extra scores. The link content can be on web pages inside your web site or what diverse different web websites utilize to hyperlink to you. If viable the goal web page's most important seek term must be covered in the web link text alternatively of simply the link.

Complying with the above search engine optimization details will useful resource pretty in your search engine positions. Bear in mind that the online search engine are advancing often. Because they will at some point trap on and that might possibly endorse the quit of your internet website online, do no longer try to lie to them. Live with the primary methods mentioned above and you will honestly growth your seek engine ranks without tension of being banned or dropped.

If so, your net web page might not be optimized nicely enough for the engines like google to beautify your ranks. These elements are known as seo (search engine optimization) methods and they can make all the difference on your websites positions.

Content material in your website is one of the most critical variables for a hit search engine optimization. Your web web site have to supply significant information on unique subjects relevant on your net website. The link text will be on net pages within your website or precisely what different internet web sites utilize to link to you.
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