The Long Trip From HSDPA To LTE

Most of we Internet users are familiar with the term HSDPA. Of course, when you want to buy the modem you are presented some information on HSDPA, there are states with 7.2 Mbps also some accompanying figures 3.6 Mbps. However, what is the difference in these numbers?

From the information available, HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access, which means as the communication protocol third generation mobile telephony, better known by the family of 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access).

It protocols of this type is providing support to all networks using UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), which has a transfer speed and data capacity is higher. Today, HSPA support downloads speeds of 1.8 up to 14.4 Mbit / sec. The first phase of HSDPA is specified in 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) Release 5. This phase introduces basic functionalities that aim to achieve the speed downloading up to 14.4 Mbit / sec. This 3GPP-based system was implemented so that the speed in the surf using HSDPA USB modem is very pleasant.

The second phase of the HSDPA of course also influenced by the 3GPP, but, in this second phase is determined by what is now the seventh release HSPA Envolved. Data's speeds can reach about 42 Mbit /sec, with the help of an array antenna technology such as beamforming and MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output). 

Where are beamforming to focus on the performance of the power delivered from an antenna in a beam toward the user so that the MIMO using many antennas on the sending and receiving data.

After HSPA Evolved, the next direction is the E-UTRA which was formerly known as HSOPA. It is a technology that is being developed for the specification of 3GPP Release 8. The project is now known as LTE (Long Term Evolution), which provides support in the form of download service with speeds above 320 Mbit /sec and upload at 170 Mbit / sec.
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Best Android Emulators For PC

Android emulators have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. This isn’t surprising since they’re easy to access and they offer the perfect way of benefiting from the range of Android apps directly on your computer. Scroll down for our list of the best Android emulators on PC.

Which Android emulators are best for a Windows PC?
Remember: firstly, it’s important to know that the fluidity and speed of the task execution with these emulators depends on your computer’s performances, although some of them have additional optimizations for some processors and graphics chips. In addition to this, you’ll notice that the interface doesn’t change much, apart from the number of options displayed, which are more or less numerous depending on what the user opts for. All the emulators listed here can be installed and used for free, but additional features and removing any adverts will require payment.

BlueStacks (Android 4.4.2 emulator for PC)
To date, BlueStacks has been the most popular emulator, and probably the most stable, in terms of reliability in apps. Why is that? Having used it myself for a while on some of my devices, I never had to pay for anything; this can often appear to be rather intrusive. Unless you do Ctrl + Alt + Delete to kill the tasks running in the background of Windows, BlueStacks gives you the option – and it tells you in an explicit message – to display advertising that promotes apps in order to continue using the service for free. Otherwise, you'd have to pay a sum of money to stop the advertising and you can then use the service without any interruptions.

Anyone can use BlueStacks for free and without limits, with or without a Google account as it will simulate a submarine OS on your PC. Currently, BlueStacks is the most reliable Android emulator offered for Windows, in addition to offering foolproof compatibility with all kinds of PCs. You don’t need to have a brand new PC for the emulator to work properly as it can run on a 2013 desktop without too many issues, although an additional graphics chip is recommended. In conclusion, BlueStacks works hand in hand with streamers with its openness towards Twitch.

Nox App Player (Android 4.4.2 emulator for PC)
Nox is just as fluid as BlueStacks and even faster. It's a solution that was released not too long ago and looks promising. Far from being as remarkable as a normal PC, I was pleasantly surprised by the task execution speed of the emulator, although some elements did give it a run for its money. This was particularly an issue with power-hungry games. I didn't notice many problems with regard to app usage, aside from the non-compatibility of some apps.

Although a longer test period would be needed to verify this, my first test of the Nox App Player made me want to install it. Currently, Nox App Player has a significant advantage over BlueStacks: it’s free. In addition to being free, there’s also no advertising. To perfect the user experience, the emulator replicates a range of functions, just like those on an Android smartphone. If you have a touch screen, you can simulate the touch feature. And that’s not all: you can also do screenshots (of photos or videos), volume control, installation of an APK file, restarting and multiple sessions.

Droid4X (Android 4.4.2 KitKat emulator for PC)
Droid4X, which is also free, may not have the most attractive interface but it works perfectly. Unlike other closed off emulators, this one is more open as it allows the user to have control, including all basic Android settings. In terms of fluidity, it’s good but far from being as successful as the two other emulators mentioned above.

Like the previously mentioned emulators, you can also store videos, as well as pictures of your face (with the help of a webcam). For those who want to give gaming a go, it's worth noting that gaming controllers are also compatible. To verify the controllers, Droid4X asks you to scan a QR code. In the emulator’s settings, you can change the display resolution as well as the emulator’s performance level. As a general rule, it’s recommended that you allocate no more than half of your PC’s capacity to this. For example, you'll need to allocate 2 GB out of the 4 GB of RAM and 2 out of the 4 quad-core processor cores.

Andy OS (Android 4.2.2 emulator for PC)
Although I have had little to do with it over the years (because I didn’t need it), Andy OS was the alternative that I used for a long time to get away from some of the boring/cumbersome aspects of BlueStacks. The Andy OS emulator, which is completely free, has developed significantly over the last few months resulting in an improved navigation mechanism that is more responsive with a mouse. Prior to this, Andy OS couldn't process a long tap. In the game Clash of Clans, I’ll let you imagine the ordeal that I experienced in creating squads. As well as being great ergonomically, the interface is also more attractive with its mix of KitKat and Marshmallow. It’s different but pleasant to use.

Unlike the three other emulators installed on KitKat (Android 4.4+), Andy OS isn’t as advanced as it was shut down during the second version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2). In terms of features, it’s also slightly less comprehensive than the others. On the other hand, it offers excellent stability at all levels. In summary, the emulator is completely free if you download it for personal use. If it’s for business, Andy OS charges $12 per month or $99 per year. By purchasing this version, professionals or users that wish to contribute are provided with emulator compatibility on Mac and Linux, as well as Windows, and also with Premium support and access to all of Andy OS’s previous versions.

Source: AndroidPit
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Ways You Can Easily Monetize Your Instagram Account

Instagram as we all know, is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. The ideology most people have is that Instagram is founded only on the idea that people who have a handheld camera, and may or may not be a professional photographer, but has something interesting to offer, shares them to a community of the same interest including friends, followers and family.
Instagram, Make Money

Well I'm here to prove such ideologies wrong, because I did some research and discovered wonderful ways in which money can be made from instagram. But the truth must be told, for you to achieve this, you mustn't be a celebrity, but you must have a lot of followers.

If you love photography (not only doing ‘selfies’), bring your skills of composition, exposure, and retouching to the surface. Most of all, let the people know you got the skill. If you can capture great shots, people will contact you to take good shots of their products, all using Instagram.

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Now down to business, pick up your pen and papers and take down this straight-to-the-point ideas..

Here are some ways to make money from Instagram

1. Collect Commissions to Sell Other Products
Selling other people's products is one quick and easy way to earn money from Instagram. One application that allows this is Peerfly. You need to start with a sales promotion is to copy its URL and put it at the bio Instagram. When other users click the URL, you will get a commission if they buy something.

2. License Sell your Instagram photos with foap
One selling point is quite famous photo foap. You can register yourself for free, create a portfolio to build buyer confidence, and look at the "Missions" to find potential buyers. This technique is probably the easiest way to do, because you do not need a lot of followers to sell your instagram photos. All photos will be priced around $ 10, but 50% of sales will be taken by foap.

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3. Use your instagram account as advertising Publisher
If you are one of those people who have tens of thousands of followers and can get like easily, maybe you can try to obtain sponsorship from a company that will pay you to promote their products. You can contact the marketing division of the company in question.

4. Use Multi-Level Marketing to build a network marketing
Many online sellers who start a business via Instagram only. Selling products with this MLM scheme will help develop a business, so the more you buy, the more extensive retailer network. Disadvantages of this method is that most MLM requires you to invest some money to buy "initial package". Advantages of this way is that you will continue to be assisted superiors to build its own network.

5. Contacting Online Photographic Companies/Sites
If you are really good at capturing moments, Site like the well know 'shutter stock' if contacted in good faith can actually hire you for your skills or pay you for some of your high quality photos. You can also go ahead to sell such pictures to freelancers and graphic designers..

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If you try to monetize your Instagram accounts with Affiliate programs then you need to see new service from Befuy.com
Posting clickable links on comments are not enabled on Instagram. Also you can put only one link in your Instagram profile. So, when you publish new post with new link to product in profile, the previous post loses its link. That means that your visitors can buy only the last item in your affiliate program.
With one link to Befuy storefront they can see and buy previous products too.

Final Words.
The era of using social media profiles just for catching fun alone is almost over as lots of money making ideas emerge everyday. Just hope you wont be left out.
If you have other Ideas on how to make money on Instagram, drop them in the comments below..
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Now You Can Export All Pictures on Facebook to Google Photos and Other Platforms

In recent news Facebook has officially announced a new feature that will let users seamlessly export their Facebook photos and videos to other online platforms.

This project is a collaboration between Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook, and the goal is to make it easier for you to transfer data between their platforms.

At the moment, the platform supports the bulk transfer of user content to Google photos. Available to few users in Ireland but will be introduced to the rest of the world in early 2020.

This open-source initiative is aimed at making it easier for Internet users to move data between different online services.

You can find the tool under settings on Facebook once it is available.

Now you wouldn't have to worry about your photos going extinct at the closing down of the medium. 
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OPay Launches OCar Which is More Affordable and to Compete with UBER

Recently we have been seeing a lot of ground breaking concepts by Opay targeted at making things easier for Africans. This services are : Otrike, Ofood, Owealth etc... 
OPay, the Africa-focused fintech firm owned by Opera
has launched yet another vertical; a car-hailing service
called OCar in Nigeria.

OCar is definitely going to compete with UBER and
Bolt (formerly known has Taxify). OCar still in the beta
phase and available currently in Lagos, Owerri, Port-
Harcourt, Abuja, Benin, Kaduna, Abeokuta, and Ibadan.
It can be accessed from OPay mobile app; you can
update your OPay app to get the latest feature. 

So far,
only Lagos has been activated, according to OPay.
OPay is offering massive discounts to its prospective
O Car customers to drive patronage. For as low as 200
Naira, you go anywhere in the aforementioned cities.

What if I want to be an Ocar Driver?
As is industry standard practice, intending OCar
drivers is to sign up with their cars on the platform, get
verified and accredited before onboarding.
OCar charges drivers a 15% commission, unlike UBER
that maintains a 25% flat rate. OPay claims that the
15% commission reduces to 3% after drivers have
done 20 trips within the same week.
The question OPay users have been asking is OPay
willing to train their drivers differently considering the
misconducts of UBER drivers?
OPay is not just a wallet, but an amazing super app
that offers everyday services to Nigerians.
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How To Make Your Videos The Most-Viewed On YouTube

In order to appear in the first few spots on Google and YouTube, uploading a video to your channel and putting a catchy title isn’t enough, instead there are a series of YouTube SEO techniques necessary for you to know so you can get the most out of video marketing, whether it be to attract more traffic to your website, increase your visibility, become known, increase engagement, generate more leads, increase conversion rates or whatever other objective you have set.

Below, we’re going to share the 10 techniques you must apply to do well on YouTube:

Take care of your YouTube channel’s appearance:
First impressions count, so tend to your YouTube channel’s design and make it attractive and pleasurable to look at.
Choose a user name that identifies with your brand and with what you want to transmit, the same goes for your profile picture and cover photo.

What’s ideal is for you to choose a responsive design, meaning, one that’s adapted to different types of devices, and also try to make a good channel description with keywords related to your niche or market sector.
Additionally, you can put an opening video in the upper part of your channel so it will be displayed to new visitors who have not yet subscribed to your channel (in fact, this is a highly recommended option that more and more brands are utilizing).
The video should be brief, introduce your channel to your audience, and engages or invites users to subscribe by inserting several notations.

Create play lists:
Having all your videos classified and listed on various play lists is going to be very useful for organizing your information.
Not only this, but playlists also appear in search results which, if you use them to group different videos in addition to facilitating replays of all the videos on this list, you will also be helping your channel appear in YouTube results which can increase your visibility.

Research your audience, and don’t lose sight of your competition:
One of the advantages of YouTube SEO is that it’s very simple, among other things, because the platform provides you with various reports and statistics on your visits; age, gender, and location for example.
All this will help you to know who has seen your videos and who your audience really is so you can get an idea on how to continue.

Analyzing your competition will also be very useful to you since not only will you be able to see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and how things are going for them, but you can also see what keywords they’re using to position their videos.

Define your video’s keywords:
One of the most important steps for obtaining success in YouTube SEO is taking the necessary time in researching what your keywords are going to be, thus playing it safe when you optimize your video.
There are numerous ways to do this, for example, checking out what the most common searches are in your sector by using YouTube’s search, or you can even use Google Trends to compare various similar terms searched for and see their trends. There is also Google AdWords Keyword Planner for seeing how many monthly searches a specific words have.

Create interesting, unique and relevant content:
As much as videos work well, they still need to be optimized so when your audience views them they do it because they want to find something of value.
This means that you have to create content that is interesting, useful and unique and that is oriented towards satisfying your audience’s needs. Remember, there is nothing more direct than content marketing so try to respond to your audience’s possible questions and concerns in your videos.

Furthermore, try to make your videos evergreen, meaning that the content never dies: and before wrapping up your video, add calls to action based on your goals: visiting your blog, commenting or sharing it on social networks.
And remember, Google classifies videos based on how people interact with them, so the more visits and interactions, the better the positioning.

Select a “SEO friendly” title for your video:
Your title is a key piece for YouTube SEO and one of the most forgotten, thus you must include a keyword -even more so at the beginning of the title-.
Furthermore, a video’s title is one of the reasons people chose to click on it or not, both directly from YouTube and if you share it on social networks or send it via email. Thus you need an appealing and flashy title that calls to action. And above all, try not to exceed 60 characters.

Reduce the number of adverts displayed on a particular video:
As much as we would all like to monetize our videos for income, we should also bear in mind that not all users would love to stand and watch them. Thus leading to a higher bounce rate. Ads should be short and simple and even added to the end of every successful video upload.

I would personally advice not to place ads on videos that are trending or going viral, your channels reputation should be all that matters and with time you would have more views and subscribers.

Final words: Keep in mind that words such as “advice”, “mistakes”, “how to” and other similar ones peak your audiences interest and make more clickable titles. If have any contributions or question drop them in the comment section below.
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How To Factory-Reset Your iPhone or iPad iOS Device

There are various reasons why you may need to factory reset your iPhone or iPad. Reasons arising from slow performance, poor battery performance and other reasons.

Because a factory reset deletes all your files and information, it is recommended that you backup your iPhone or iPad data before wiping it. This article walks you through the whole process of backup and reset.

The specific steps may differ a little bit from one version of iOS to another, so do not panic if one or two steps are missing on your device.

How to reset your iPhone or iPad

  • Backup your device. Using its supplied cable, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. When it is recognised by iTunes, click on the left-hand pane to access the Summary screen. Click “Back Up Now” and follow through.
  • Open your device’s Settings menu and follow this path: General -> Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings. If you have a passcode on your device, you will be required to supply it at this point.
  • Enter your Apple ID password.

After rebooting is complete, the phone will be in its factory state where you have to choose your language, set time and date and other on-screen instructions it may asked of you to set. After doing all that, you can now sell off the device without the fear of exposing your data and information to the new user, or you can as well use the device in its clean new state.

I hope you enjoyed this post.If you have any complaint, drop it in the comment box below, and don't forget to Share this post with friends.
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Business Ideas To Grow, A Business That Will Outlive You

Startups are appearing on the tech scene almost every day. This is good news because it shows that quite a number of people have embraced the Internet as a means of transacting business.

But at the same time, many of these startups with great potentials have disappeared due to the wrong execution of their growth and marketing strategy.

Growth is key, yet growing a startup is really hard and most founders struggle with it.

Do things you do not require in the long run
When your startup is taking its first step, make sure you get your friends and family to work with you and use your product. Don’t just stop there, you can also share what you do on blogs and engage with potential users over social media. You will get useful comments that will make your product more attractive and acceptable.

Focus on a small niche
Since you are just starting, it is better to focus on a small niche or market because it will be much more manageable. So, don’t go too broad quickly. You are more likely to grow by narrowing your target audience, better understanding customer needs, building more focused products, and tailoring your marketing message to a specific audience.

Don't chase money
Having a startup should never be about getting rich quick. Successful startups that achieve growth early on are the ones that focus on innovation and providing unique, valuable solutions for consumers.

Regularly review strategic areas of your startup
In the beginning, you probably laid out clear plans the strategic areas of your startup, including operations, sales/marketing, and finance. But if you want your startup to achieve growth, you need to regularly analyse and review these areas.

Delegate and trust, but verify
One of the key problems many entrepreneurs have is trying to do too many things at the same time. If you manage everything yourself, you can ensure it works out in the smoothest way possible. But know that doing this will make you experience entrepreneurial burnout and this can hinder your startup's growth. So, trust the members of your team and know when to delegate. The important thing is for you to follow up and verify whatever they are doing.

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Why You Should Go For Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private Server also known as VPS makes use of virtualization apps to make partitions of real servers into numerous "digital" servers.

So, every of the servers can perform its personal OS and apps. these days, VPS is famous a few of the web developers these days. let's find out more approximately the advantages of shared web hosting, VPS and devoted servers.

Why you need to move for a VPS server?

If your website online desires more area than what the shared website hosting gives and you run several high-traffic blogs or web sites, you can want to go for the VPS. despite the fact that dedicated servers cost a lot, VPS offers flexibility at a decrease fee tag.

if you need a number of bandwidth and your weblog doesn't open as fast it need to, shared web web hosting is not for you anymore. In case of VPS hosting, the digital environment will provide you devoted reminiscence, disk space and bandwidth.

What Apps Do You want to Run?

For better technical flexibility and customization of your web hosting server, you must keep on with a VPS, particularly if you can not have enough money a devoted server. this will come up with root-level get admission to so that you can set up extra apps, set permission, customise the environment and create debts. that is what maximum precise developers need on a daily foundation.

if you personal a enterprise and need the features of an luxurious devoted server, then VPS is the appropriate solution for you. This way you won't should spend anything to host, keep and assist the hardware of the servers. As a result, you'll be saving hundreds of heaps of dollars down the street.

Shared web hosting VS VPS website hosting

with none doubt, VPS offers quite a few benefits over shared internet hosting. On a VPS, you could increase and test your web sites. moreover, you could get a VPS particularly for trying out functions. you may use any other VPS on your production or stay blogs. In other words, without getting  devoted servers, it'll be feasible with a purpose to do all of your web hosting tasks. other than this, you could use a digital non-public server for record storage or backup as well.

despite the fact that there may be a large difference between a committed server and a VPS, both provide similar features. in case you are an awesome developer, you could do almost any undertaking on a VPS that you may do a devoted server. but the principal factor is that VPS is much less steeply-priced. you could get cheap servers, however the assist, safety, and protection will price you a good deal of cash down the road. this is true when you have a website that receives a massive amount of site visitors every month.

lengthy tale quick, if you have been searching out a reasonably-priced answer on your net website hosting needs, we particularly propose that you pass for a VPS server. it is going to be a lot higher than shared hosting in terms of support, flexibility, bandwidth and other machine resources. So, if you can't find the money for a special physical server for you only, you can not find an choice better than VPS.
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