Startups and Small Businesses

I have had the chance to work with startups and small businesses to develop the web applications that are at the heart of their business. It is fascinating to see entrepreneurs embrace their passion and forge their own pathway to a successful business. However, cutting a new path is not without its perils.

Some of the pitfalls early on for emerging Internet based businesses as it pertains to the technology I have learned from entrepreneurs include:

• Waiting too long to build the application while they search for a technical co-founder

• Determining what programming language and technology stack to use

• Difficulty in working with freelance or offshore resources causing cost overruns and frustration

• What to do with the application once the coding is done. Where to host it and how to secure the data.

As common as these can be, an entrepreneur must forecast a path that learns from others and ensures the most expedient path to success. I am going to only touch lightly on the first three topics, then dig a little deeper into the final topic of where to host your web application.

If you do not have a technical co-founder, but you have a good idea, my advice is to stop looking. Technical co-founders are in demand. If they know what they are doing, then they typically have options. When the next big thing comes along that captures their attention it may be hard for an emerging startup to hold onto an in demand resource anyway. My advice is to get some traction and let the technical co-founders come to you. And they will.

People want to be part of a good thing. Your time is better spent researching your idea, finding potential early adopters and outsourcing the skills necessary to prove your idea. And to be clear, you and I both know you don't just have one idea. Your job is to pick one and see if it is really marketable. A good idea does not always make a good business. That is what you need to find out, and fast. Ideas are cheap - so get out and prove you have more than just a good idea. And if you don't, move on to your next good idea. People like you create jobs and opportunity. Sitting on a bad idea is only going to hinder your progress.

Now you are ready to move forward, what technology stack do you use? To use a coined phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff". Too many entrepreneurs take precious months trying to figure this out. A better strategy is to find a company you feel comfortable working with to develop your code. I don't care if it is Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc. Find the best route for you financially and can be done in the least amount of time to get you to market.

Once you start bringing in some revenue, you are going to want to reinvest it into future iterations anyway. You may start out with some feature enhancements in the next subsequent phases, but plan on rebuilding completely after a year if you are making traction. And who knows, your new technical co-founder may want to control this decision anyway. Don't constrain yourself by an artificial requirement of a certain technology path.

So what about offshore resources?

Freelance and offshore resources are fantastic when you are capable of properly managing the outcomes. Many entrepreneurs find themselves over their head because they do not understand the technology and are unable to recognize when things are going in a bad direction. It is difficult to recognize a bad situation when you lack the experience. The best thing you can do is find a US based organization who can help you. They are out there. If you go through the effort of researching your idea, finding early adopters, and incorporating feedback, you should be able to find a way to get the idea built. Most entrepreneurs I have talked with that have used offshore resources have expressed frustration if they lack the technical background to manage that. Partnering with a small IT service business can alleviate that frustration and help you achieve your goals.

The most overlooked component of developing an Internet based business is what to do with the application once the coding is done. This is a critical mistake and should be part of your early planning.

Let me first clear up one area of distinction. I am referring to a web application in this article versus a website. A website is a set of what amounts to primarily static informational pages hosted on a server in the public Internet. For such services, I find shared hosting sites an inexpensive alternative. However, this is not suitable for a web application that uses programming logic to perform tasks and functions to deliver a service of benefit to the end user. For this, an entrepreneur is better served working with a hosted solution. This can be a cloud based virtual server instance to keep costs down.

But herein lays the problem. Many entrepreneurs are guilty of slapping their freshly written code on a free instance of a service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and expecting all things smooth from then on. We recommend a Linux Server with a reasonable level of security, to include a firewall restricting access to your data. In some cases, a two tier architecture separating the web based front end from the back end database may be warranted. However, in most cases for an early stage deployment a security conscious server implementation is acceptable.

Let's say you manage to do all of this. You secure a VPS server running Linux. Deploy your code. You are on the Internet. Now what? Who is doing the care and feeding of this server? It is important to ensure you have a plan for system administration functions of the server. I am an advocate of having a person responsible for log reviews and backups even for the well running system.

As your information technology consumption such as CPU, memory and storage utilization grows in parallel with your customer acquisitions, you should be strategically planning the expansion of resources. As every entrepreneur knows, a death blow to an emerging startup is to run out of money. But as every technical professional knows, it can be just as fatal to have a security breach or user experience that makes your service unusable. Customers have short term memories. One mistake in the trust arena will have them take their business elsewhere. And no one wants to develop a bad reputation or be subject to lawsuits in more serious acts of negligence.

Yes, finding a technical co-founder can greatly reduce your costs to establishing your Internet based business. If you are lucky enough to be successful in that route, more power to you. If not, there are ways to reduce your exposure and get your idea to market. Be tenacious, be persistent and be responsible with your Information Technology service needs. Don't play into the rumor that an Internet based business can only be built one way using one prescribed methodology. Partner with another small business offering IT services to establish a win-win as you make your ideas into a reality.
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How To Power All Apps With MTN mPulse Data Using Spark VPN and Psiphon Handler

Recently MTN introduced a new tariff plan called mPulse which offers a whooping 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50. This introduction came as a surprise, but we later discovered it's purpose was to browse on the designated mPulse website only and for educational purposes. How sad! Well fortunately as every other thing, a loophole was formulated and now you van use the data to browse on other sites, but some technical knowledge and tweaking is needed and would be involved. Keep reading..

KPN Rev tunnel was initially used but I did not write a tutorial on it, still some people stumbled on it Google. Anyway if your KPN Rev tunnel is no longer working for MTN 1.2GB for N150 on mPulse plan please follow the guide below to make it work;
Download Spark VPN from Play store.
Download spark configuration file here.

How to set up spark VPN for mPulse data
Launch the Spark VPN app and then.
Locate the MTN mPulse Config.svc file
Then tap on it to import.
Hit the Start button to connect.

Using Psiphon Handler with mPulse Data
Download Psiphon handler here if you don’t have it.
Install and launch Psiphone app and configure it with the settings below
1. Tick: Remove Port Proxy
2. Type: Real Host Proxy
3. Server: mpulse.mtnonline.com
4. Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP Real Proxy Port: 8080
5. Now click SAVE and tap MORE OPTIONS which is in the third row.
6. Tick: Connect through HTTP Proxy
7. Finally, Tick: Use the following settings: -> Host Address:

Enjoy, and I hope it works for you..
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Scientists Have Developed A New Method of Uploading Information to One’s Brain

Scientists have developed a way of uploading information to one’s brain that almost imitates the methods used in The Matrix, similar to Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in The Matrix trilogy. The character Neo had a range of kung-fu skills ‘uploaded’ directly into his brain in just a few seconds.

Scientists at HRL Information and System Sciences Laboratory in California have been working to make real life imitate art, very much in the style of The Matrix, by developing what is termed low-current electrical brain stimulation to modulate a person’s learning of complex, real-world skills. This can be used for learning how to drive a car, pilot a plane, learn new languages, and so on.

Dr Matthew Phillips, who led the HRL Labs research team, used a neuro-stimulation technique known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to excite areas in the brain responsible for learning and skill retention. tDCS is a non-invasive, painless technique that uses a constant, low electric current to stimulate specific brain regions. Several studies suggest it could be used to treat neuropsychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain.

Dr Phillips said: “Our system is one of the first of its kind. It’s a brain stimulation system. It sounds kind of sci-fi, but there’s large scientific basis for the development of our system. The specific task we were looking at was piloting an aircraft, which requires a synergy of both cognitive and motor performance.

“When you learn something, your brain physically changes. Connections are made and strengthened in a process called neuro-plasticity. It turns out that certain functions of the brain, like speech and memory, are located in very specific regions of the brain, about the size of your pinky.

“What our system does is it actually targets those changes to specific regions of the brain as you learn. The method itself is actually quite old. In fact, the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago used electric fish to stimulate and reduce pain.

“Even Ben Franklin applied currents to his head, but the rigorous, scientific investigation of these methods started in the early 2000s and we’re building on that research to target and personalise stimulation in the most effective way possible.

“Your brain is going to be very different to my brain when we perform a task. What we found is that in specific circumstances, brain stimulation seems to be particularly effective at actually improving learning.”

They studied the electric signals in the brain of a trained pilot and then fed the data into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an aeroplane in a realistic flight simulator.

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that subjects who received brain stimulation via electrode-embedded head caps improved their piloting abilities and learnt the task 33 per cent better than a placebo group. The experiment showed improvement in both motor and cognitive skills.

Dr Phillips went on: “We were able to take a group of individuals and train them to a similar level.

“The method relies on physical contact with the scalp – a head-cap through conductive gel to apply the current to the skin.

“The effects can persist for hours. The effects take days or weeks of practice to consolidate. It’s the same learning mechanism, we’re just amplifying or boosting it.

“As we discover more about optimising, personalising, and adapting brain stimulation protocols, we’ll likely see these technologies become routine in training and classroom environments.

“It’s possible that brain stimulation could be implemented for classes like drivers’ training, SAT prep, and language learning.”

As we enter a new era of technology let's hope it makes life easier and better. 
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Six Search Engine Optimization Recommendations For Building Web Pages

It's an unquestionable truth that wordpress is on the top of the hill in terms of, what many don't forget to be, the first-rate free Internet authoring software in life today. Millions of people all over the world use it every day to create professional looking websites; and you may too. But there's more to growing a exceptional Internet site then just loading wordpress and constructing multiple pages. 

You need to build your pages the proper way in order that your websites get "love" from the engines like Google-meaning optimizing your web site. Shall we first test s.E.O after which my six recommendations on how to correctly build and optimize your wordpress pages.

What is SEO?

The term S.E.O is thrown around so frequently its sufficient to make your head spin. And, rightly so due to the fact its vital you recognize its significance if you want to provide your website the quality viable risk of growing inside the serps for natural search effects.

Natural search consequences are those websites you get once you enter a "key-word", word or word, into the quest bar. In case your website has been setup and optimized properly you've got a greater chance of being found on page one of these search consequences.

There are many elements and variables which decide your web sites rating. Some are controllable-some are uncontrollable. I'm able to attention at the variables that you "can" control to decorate your websites visibility. All of that is the essence of right S.E.O:

1. Placing your website up well so you rank properly in the search engines like Google.
2. Getting unfastened, organic site visitors.

The two foremost forms of website S.E.O are usually known as "on web page" and "off page" optimization. I might be focusing at the on web page tweaks each web builder have to be imposing to supply an especially efficient Internet site.

"Content" that is where in terrific S.E.O starts.

Content is via a long way the most essential S.E.O element of your website. If not anything else, get this as it doesn't rely if you create your website with wordpress or a few different piece of software program; content guidelines. If you're no longer supplying high-quality content you have already misplaced your target audience and your try to get the eye of the search engines like Google can be decreased as nicely.

What one deems as first-class content is another controversial dialogue however shall we observe the plain.

First-class content serves a motive which jumps proper out at you. Quality content material is beneficial, informative, accurate, insightful, attractive, solutions a question or solves a trouble. Add your own adjectives to this list and you will come up with more answers as to what constitutes outstanding content material.

This would seem apparent to maximum people but the reality is, there are plenty of terrible web sites accessible with negative content material. Do not pressure or over think the issue of how to write outstanding content material. Just put your self in the shoes of your readers. Reflect on consideration on the final time you landed on a website seeking out something. How changed into the content material? Did you locate what you desired? Turned into the information helpful and informative?

Vicinity your self within the readers seat. Hold this in mind and you may easily write extraordinary content material.

Consider your aim should be to:

  • 1. Provide correct facts
  • 2. Clear up a problem
  • 3. Answer a query
  • 4. Provide resources
  • 5. Entertain
  • 6. Educate

The list can go on and on however you get the point; the user's revel in is maximum essential. Once you write your best feasible content its time to optimize it in wordpress.

Titles: do keyword research and use lengthy tail titles.

Every piece of content material for a web page or submit starts off evolved with a title and that is in which S.E.O begins. Your identify is important because it is the primary gateway in your website. Your title is the primary meta-information descriptor that the engines like Google pick up. Shall we begin with your house web page title. If you have Internet site on a way to examine wordpress, then your property page need to be titled as such. Your titles for numerous pages or posts must be keyword associated words or phrases.

Titles that give your pages the high-quality risk of discovery through organic search are known as lengthy tail keywords-3 phrases or more. Three word name terms are extra slim, definitive and have less opposition so its easier for the search engines to locate your page or publish. Do key-word research to find slim seek phrases related to your niche and use them as titles for your pages.

Tip: find 3 to 5 centered lengthy tail keywords and use them as titles to your "pages" inside your website. Use secondary key phrases for your posts.

Headings: use proper heading for subjects.

While you take a seat all the way down to creator a page you want to have a subject line or heading. Headings are a way to "tag" a subject line at the pinnacle of your article and that they variety from h1, h2 and so forth. Right here is any other danger on the way to optimize your content. Again, use an extended tail keyword for your heading and give it the right headings tag.

You should have a least 3 extra subject matter headings on every page. They have to be well researched keywords which relate in your average websites subject matter. Also, make certain the topic traces descend thus by using the usage of h2, h3 and so forth down the road. By no means make every subject matter line on a page an h1 heading. Again, begin with your main h1 heading on the top and paintings your way down your page developing related content and the use of descending headings for each subject matter line.

Linking: hyperlink out (anchor text) to associated websites

There are differing viewpoints in this and I advocate you hyperlink content out of your website out to other related websites. For instance, in case you're writing approximately a way to install wordpress you have to try to link a keyword from within your article out to a related website.

Plugins are related to wordpress; so why now not talk approximately plugins within your article frame and link "that" key-word out to a associated authoritative internet site. The serps will see that you are "tying" your website into others and presenting the reader with additional records or sources.

Photographs: optimize your photos.

Everyone uses photographs on their web sites however commonly fail to optimize them for seek. The search engines will index your pictures too so constantly optimize them. Supply them a key-word related name, preferably the equal name because the headline for that specific phase.

You have to constantly fill in the alternative (alt) and picture description or (caption) portion of your photographs as well. This is straightforward to do within wordpress-after you insert your picture just click on it to open up these option fields. Those are frequently unnoticed. Fill them in because its greater meta information descriptions so that it will help get your web page ranked better.

S.E.O percent: constantly use some shape of plugin here.

An S.E.O % is a wordpress plugin that permits you to add extra records for your website which receives picked up by the serps. Those consist of a space for titles, descriptions and key phrases.

The two most popular s.E.O plugins are the all in one S.E.O p.C. And the yoast S.E.O plugin. When you load the multi function S.E.O P.C. Plugin you're offered with a page in which you could input this extra information. You could additionally optimize pages and posts as properly with this plugin.

Those wordpress S.E.O hints are reliable and understandable which everybody should be doing to assist enhance your websites visibility.
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Earn Extra Income Doing Businesses From Home Jobs

Is there actually an easy gadget for creating business from home jobs? Just consider being capable of creating your own dream lifestyles and break out the rat-race! That is a noble purpose indeed, however what are the probabilities? They may be superb, certainly.

The 6 important things to create while earning from home jobs:

1. Simplicity of action: you don't want to visit university for 5 years to begin work at home. Something simple to do must be located. A system of some type that is simple to observe, but most vital of all, smooth to examine.

2. Reasonably-priced to begin: unless your name is rockefeller, you probably have no cash to gamble to create your own process. As all of us recognise, any money put on activity creation is gambling. Except its just pocket money, you don't need to take a danger.

3. Begin component time: unless you've got just misplaced your process, you need a few type of process at domestic created that you can do on a part time basis till you feel it has reached the factor in which you're sincerely losing cash by using staying along with your present task.

4. No ceiling to what you can earn: creating your very own job from domestic is quality, but you will want to begin some thing that has no cap on it? Why restrict your self? While you are working for a person else, you're working to build a person else's dream. It is important that you purpose actual high. Who knows in which this may take you? Thoreau as soon as stated that we commonly hit what we aim for. Why goal for the basement whilst we'd get the penthouse suite with our work from home jobs?

5. Build fee: any task you create for your self at domestic must build cost for you. It have to deliver profits that allows you to invest in your future, however it have to additionally build equity in some thing that builds in price. This is even higher than any funding. Grasping and shady investors and bankers on wall road can shred all your life's savings, however they can't affect the value of some thing you have constructed from home and that operates full time.

6. Earns even as you sleep: regardless of what your skill stage or exchange, you need some thing that ultimately will not simplest replace the activity you have got now, but will generate profits as you sleep or are away. As an example, a automobile wash or laundromat earns money day and night, seven days per week. The internet makes it possible to have many self created jobs that each one produce sales spherical the clock.

What is the solution? How are you going to correctly and hopefully create do business from home jobs of your desire?

Learn the way internet commerce works. Learn the approaches of ebusiness and positioned them to your personal use. The best, most inexpensive (it's loose) and most secure method is to start an associate commercial enterprise. Sell a person else's merchandise. Easy, no hazard and it can pay handsomely. A skid row bum, knowing what he is doing, should begin a a hit net enterprise simply the use of the net get entry to in a public library. Do you watched something this easy is some thing that might assist you do business from home?

If you have something you want to construct and sell, you may nevertheless start inside the associate business, research as much as possible about internet advertising and begin selling your items in the end.

Shall we say you're a grasp bird residence builder. It is your ardour and are very good at it. You could study net enterprise as you promote someone else's birdhouses. With time, you may start getting your own associates and they can promote your birdhouses for you. Then, as you feel greater confident and you have learned your training well on how the net works, you may write your personal digital ebook on birds, chicken homes, bird nutrition, chook watching and whatever else that pleases you. By means of then, you'll have found out a way to reach others with the same hobbies and you'll have built yourself some other of those do business from home jobs!

Be careful!

7 matters to observe out for:

* lack of awareness of how the net and internet commercial enterprise works: understanding is fundamental. In case you begin a bricks and mortar commercial enterprise like a pet keep, it is reasonably easy to configure your advertizing, the sign on your commercial enterprise and all that. On the net, site visitors is the entirety. How do you seize it, sell to it and hold them coming lower back? Those are the keys to developing your very own work from home jobs.

* get rich short schemes: they may be a dime a dozen on the internet. If you came right here seeking out short and clean, you've got a hassle. Like another way of running from home, you need to realize some thing that you could promote. Perhaps you are proper at information entry or managing customer support problems. Something you're sturdy factors, it'll take a touch time to expand a customer base or a list of people who are willing to shop for your offerings. Avoid any e-book, path, video collection or something that promise fantastic effects in no time. Avoid them like the plague.

* complex business plans that hamper: the usage of the birdhouse instance from above, you would possibly want to have 2 or three designs no longer dozens at the beginning. Keep it easy as you study doing commercial enterprise on the net. Having too much on the cross is confusing and discouraging.

* discouragement from neighbours and loved ones: the general public near you may scoff at your dream of creating your very own work from home jobs. They imply well, however they are able to thrust a fatal knife blade via your heart. Maintain things to your self. Yes, i understand you want to show off your first little check from google and also you want to proportion approximately the terrific search engine optimization tool you determined.

* getting numbers paralysis: don't analyze things to death. Study, learn and strive matters. See what works for you, but do not spend your nights seeking to over examine everything.

* taking pictures too low: in case you set without a doubt low goals, you can come fast to the realization that the end isn't well worth the attempt. Shoot better than you have ever before and just begin. This is the secret, just begin. * impatience: you do not pull a tomato seed out to look if it's far germinating. Remember the fact that ninety nine% of a achievement can not be seen until it erupts.

The machine with a view to yield your make money working from home jobs is straightforward:

1. Study. Train yourself. Maximum of it is free.

2. Make errors. Make plenty of them. Then, make some more as you create do business from home jobs that you have chosen as your favorites.

3. Study a few greater.

Four. Attempt new thoughts in growing your do business from home jobs.

5. Examine some extra.

6. Examine, learn, learn.

The arena extensive net has been known as "the river of gold" and it's miles. It runs deep and fast. Most of the people go to it and fill their thimble. The bizarre character nervously dips his or her cup. I strongly urge you to show up with a fleet of tanker vans. The river doesn't care. It's miles deep and speedy.

An internet business has been known as a "portable empire". That is a real description. Proper luck, god speed and stay far from the get wealthy short schemes!

Octavien remillard has been building his Internet organizations for five years. He is aware of what it approach to work from home. He brings a notable style of experiences to his writing along side a wry wit. For a miles extra distinctive description of the ways to make cash on the sector huge web and how to make it with out risking a cent, click via to his home page and download his loose 200 page global elegance ebook on affiliate advertising and marketing.
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Advertising Online and Marketing Can Raise your Business Standard

With the aid of all measures, the achievement of the neighborhood small business zone in maintaining its share of the marketplace lies in on-line advertising and advertising and marketing techniques.

Already, big agencies in the greater developed member states inside the caricom unmarried market and financial system (csme) are the use of interactive pc technologies to compete for clients in the region and to enlarge into remote places markets.

Those companies have realised that strengthening their relationship with their current and prospective clients and seizing opportunities for low value growth into different markets is vital for their survival, in what has grow to be an an increasing number of competitive environment.

Customer relationship building, quick comments and product customisation analogous to customer portfolio control in conventional advertising and marketing has emerge as even greater crucial in the present day enterprise environment.

New technologies and innovations in net based advertising; advertising and net promoting without difficulty facilitate the kind of purchaser portfolio control and marketplace growth tasks that this new monetary surroundings demands of a small enterprise.

Increasingly more, the exceptional impact of interactive computer technologies on low value market growth and its revolutionising of one on one consumer management techniques, is pushing businesses to pursue on line advertising and advertising and marketing.

Therefore, integrating generation into their operations the usage of web based customer members of the family techniques is now at the centre of the market enlargement initiatives of many trinidadian and barbadian businesses.

Net based techniques are fast becoming "the fashion" on account that they quite simply facilitate on-line branding and income pressure automation, and may force sales and earnings up even in the absence of a storefront, not like the traditional advertising and marketing strategies.

What money owed for this trend? Specifically what has pushed groups in trinidad & tobago, jamaica, and barbados, as an example, to increasingly adopt net based totally advertising and marketing campaigns? The solution lies first off in the fact that the established order of the caricom single market has given upward push to a extra competitive business environment and has caused the need for them to actively are seeking for out possibilities for market entrenchment and penetration.

Secondly, interactive laptop technologies that aid on-line advertising and advertising offer competitive benefits over conventional marketing and advertising mediums. Improvements in on-line marketing and advertising techniques have enough money many businesses an advantage over their competition on the grounds that they lend powerful aid to groups searching for:

    advanced patron portfolio management thru using databases that permit more desirable customer contact;
    mass customisation of products to permit for transport of uniquely configured merchandise in reaction to the unique interactions, needs and specs of every customer;
    concentrated on extra clients even as additionally reducing relative working prices for the reason that those on-line strategies enable massive market growth while maintaining tremendously low overheads;
    fee powerful penetration of remote places markets without incurring the exorbitant cost related to establishing a storefront or advertising and advertising through the traditional media in every new goal marketplace;
    extra green implementation of patron acquisition techniques and account improvement techniques the usage of modern software programs;  less costly internet advertising and marketing techniques that could conveniently allow a small commercial enterprise to cultivate and maintain sturdy relationships with the give up customers of its product, while not having to burn up massive sources; and improving business performance by means of generating extra sales and earnings even as also reaching advanced budgetary manage.

In a quest to out do their competitors within the less advanced regions of the csme and to capture a aggressive advantage over their important competitors, barbadian organizations are aggressively pursuing on line advertising and advertising campaigns to target clients in distant places markets at the same time as also entrenching logo loyalty amongst their nearby customers.

Those agencies have recognized that the future of the caribbean enterprise region lies in on-line marketing and advertising and marketing techniques and are using this know-how to effect their enterprise performance.

Failure to plan suitable customer dating strategies and to position their corporations for enlargement into rising markets is predicted to be the important thing elements leading to the demise of many small businesses, specially within the less developed caricom member states.

Sadly, many small corporations have either didn't come to this realisation or have not noted this reality completely.

The creation of the caricom unmarried marketplace and economy and greater efforts by means of american and eu agencies to put money into rising caribbean and african markets have made the present day commercial enterprise surroundings more dynamic and aggressive. Already a few small corporations have begun to fold beneath competition from larger corporations pursuing aggressive advertising and advertising campaigns. Monetary constraints often avoid the ability of small companies under hazard to generate an adequate reaction to the opposition.

This cutting-edge trend means that small corporations ought to constantly modify their advertising and advertising and marketing techniques and explore low fee product enhancement and market growth opportunities to live consistent with or get in advance of the opposition.

Large groups from the more evolved caricom member states, china, the usa, and the ecu union are speedy making inroads into the caricom marketplace through using interactive computer technology. Caribbean small companies will need to capitalise on innovations in era and advertising if they too are to revel in a aggressive facet. They have to actively are looking for out possibilities to gradually leverage each contemporary and prospective client relationships.

The access of larger agencies from overseas markets into the local business panorama makes it vital for small corporations to aggressively undertake web based marketing and advertising and marketing strategies, to be able to preserve purchaser loyalty and retain or expand their market share. In brief, to live to tell the tale the present monetary environment, small organizations must begin to think manner out of the container and to explore the benefits that online advertising and advertising can have the funds for them. This is the handiest way that these small organizations can live to tell the tale the onslaught of opposition.

Lamentably, beneath strain to preserve low working fee, nearly crippling aid constraints and their lack of statistics on the affordability and opportunities that online advertising and marketing gift to their organizations, those small groups often forget about the potential for integrating generation into their sales and income drives.

Alternatively, they keep to adopt advertising and advertising campaigns thru the traditional media, frequently at excessive cost, or to ignore the features of advertising and marketing and advertising altogether.

What about you? Have you also fallen into this trap? What sort of patron courting techniques is your enterprise engaged in? Have monetary constraints pressured you to disregard advertising and marketing and advertising altogether? Are you caught within the darkish ages of previous, traditional marketing and marketing campaigns at the same time as your competitors maintain to make inroads into your market percentage? Do you desire you could combine new technology into your business and maintain a reduce above the rest?

Many small commercial enterprise managers want to embody change and contain new advances in era into their operations. They need to adopt extra current and modern advertising and marketing and advertising strategies but are frequently restricted by means of price range or truely do no longer have enough knowledge of the approaches in which online advertising and marketing can profit their commercial enterprise? Often, small agencies are unaware of inexpensive on line advertising and advertising alternatives at the same time as those fortunate sufficient to find out its benefits keep it a miles-guarded mystery.

There are numerous possibilities that on-line advertising and marketing provide for increasing sales and earnings, penetrating new markets, better handling patron relationships and lowering operational costs. You will be pleasantly amazed to analyze that superior patron courting management the usage of low-cost new technologies is now a bonus that your small enterprise can proportion.
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Hiring The Right Webmaster For The Job

When interviewing webmasters, don't let price be your deciding factor. Among webmasters there is a split between those who are skilled in the fine art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and those who are not. To obtain high rankings for your site on the major search engines, multiple SEO Marketing tactics must be included within the design of your website.

 The Questions You Should Be Asking ...

The Answers You Should Be Receiving...

As an online business owner you should be concerned with the depth of SEO Marketing knowledge possessed by the person you hire to design and build your website. Do you know the right questions to ask a potential webmaster to ensure that you are doing business with the right person?

The process of hiring a webmaster may appear to be as simple as contacting a few designers and getting price quotations for their services. In the end you select the lowest bidder and move towards getting your new website built. Do not confuse price with function. Typically, a very low price indicates a finished product that will not be capable of competing for business online. Additionally, there are some designers who can accommodate you not only with design services, but with hosting services as well. They will charge a very small fee for the design services, which looks great on paper, only to hit you hard with a high monthly fee for your hosting. In the end you pay far more and your website is still not ready to compete on the search engines for any volume of business.

How important is SEO Marketing to the design and development of your new website? Remember, if your site cannot be found in the first three pages on the major search engines, it won't matter what you spent or how lovely your website is; no one will ever see it, and therefore, no one will be able to do business with you. SEO Marketing should be at the core of your entire web design process.

The Obvious Questions:

May I view your portfolio?

A webmaster should be ready and willing to show off their past projects to you. If they have nothing to show you ... run.

Do you have a list of references?

A qualified designer should not only be proud of their work, but so should their clients. Contact a few of their clients to verify their overall satisfaction with the design and the process involved. Keep in mind, good designs cost money and also take time.

What software do you use to design?

To the untrained eye this question may seem ridiculous. The truth be told, there are vast differences between webmasters and their skills. As it stands there are a small handful of great design programs which would qualify your potential designer as possessing the experience required to get the job done. However, there is one design program that will immediately disqualify your designer as someone who knows what they are doing; Microsoft's FrontPage®. If they say, "FrontPage®", say something polite as you hang up the phone.

The Not So Obvious Questions

Do you have any SEO experience?

While some designers cannot even spell SEO, others will readily admit to their lack of expertise in such matters. Obviously you are seeking out a designer who claims to be well versed in the practices of SEO Marketing. How can you tell the difference? Ask them to show you some of their top ranking sites on Google, Yahoo, MSN or other major engines. The search phrases they use to find their client's websites should be commonly worded phrases that people would actually think to type on the engines, and not some cryptic, uncommon mixed-up set of words which many so-called SEO Marketers use to justify their poor work. Remember, we can all rank high by typing in our company name, it's the sites that rank high when you type in the nature of their product or service that makes for good SEO.

Do you incorporate SEO into your designs?

Many designers will offer SEO services to you 'after' your site has been completed. For some, they must outsource these services as they are not qualified to perform SEO page optimizations during the design phase. A good SEO job requires that the majority of the text on a website be completely rewritten. So if you're not including this with the design, you'll be paying a whole lot more for it down the road as the SEO Marketer must take your nicely written content, tear much of it apart and rewrite it so as to appeal to the engines for higher rankings.

How much text will you include on my web pages?

While this question will obviously have a different answer for each page of your site, a smart SEO Marketer knows that a minimum of 300 to 400+ words per page will assist your site in obtaining and more importantly keeping higher rankings over longer periods of time. To the search engines text content is king. Text is "essentially" the single largest factor in helping a search engine determine your position in the rankings.

What else you should know . . .

Flash and Graphics are not text.

While search engines are slowly becoming able to read the text content for some types of Flash presentations, such presentations are still mostly what the name implies ... "Flash". The sparing use of Flash to enhance the look and feel of your site is never a bad idea, as Flash can add a very professional visual aspect when used appropriately. However, there are several site architectures which are fully encased within a Flash presentation, where the entire site is Flash. Such sites will be hard-pressed to ever gain any ground on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), as Flash content simply does not contain the same relevance as standard HTML based pages.

Graphics, on the other hand, cannot be read at all. Graphics, even those with text on them are simply rectangular voids to the engines. None of the content from a graphic image can be read or used for the purpose of optimizing your pages for the search engines.

Frames aren't as bad as they used to be.

The use of 'frames' in web design are no longer posing the obstacles they once did. Like some types of Flash, many of the major engines can now decipher frames-based websites and deliver visitors to your site based on the content of framed pages. There are a few tricks that experienced webmasters use to ensure that the frame structure remains in tact no matter what page a visitor is initially delivered to on your site.

In closing, beware of the webmaster that tells you that they will 'SEO' your site by submitting to the major search engines. Submitting a website is not at all part of the intricacies involved in performing true SEO optimization on the pages of your website. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Submitting your site could certainly be included as part of your SEO services, but submissions are not themselves SEO Marketing.
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Steps on How To Get Your Website Up And Running

What is a website? A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.

I started designing websites early and things have changed much since then. Some of these changes are very positive but others are not very encouraging. For instance the number of web pages on the net has increased manifold but on the other side there is a lot of junk stuff on the Internet, that finding a piece of useful information is something like searching for a pin in a hay stack.

Search engines like Google have risen in popularity partly due to the ad free interface they provide. But alas such is the shrewdness and cunningness of some webmasters that some sites which do not have much worthy content in them get listed at the top of the list. Then there is the other problem, You have set up a site which you think is much worthy and wait for visitors to flow into it and you get less than a 100 hits a day.

What do you do? I have been through this situation and has even thought of quitting. But wait a minute, why should you quit? You have spend all this time and money making up a useful site and then think of quitting.

There are lots of ways by which you can get your site up and running!

Ok lets have a look..

1. Know your audience: This is the most important part. It’s much easier for you to bring a guy who has visited your site back than to make a new one come. So provide content in the site based on what the audience wants. What I mean is, if you have started a site named http://www.bannerandlogodesigner.com and then provide a personal site which has nothing to do with banners, logos and designing then you are doomed mate! So the first thing to decide upon is who your audience are and what they want the rest will follow.

2. Broken hyperlinks = Broken hearts: Bear this in mind. The last thing you would want is visitors leaving your site. Isn’t it? Then the first thing you have to do is to check your site for broken hyperlinks. Broken hyperlinks affect the flow of your site and unfortunately Sir so will it affect the flow of visitors.

It actually conveys the wrong signal to your visitors. It tells them that you don’t regularly update your site. Now tell me who would want to marry a 40 year old lady when a 20 year old princess is waiting next door! So before publishing your site make sure you have no broken hyperlinks. If you have got links to other sites make sure they haven’t moved. If so update your link. See the example of a link

3. Security & privacy (Believe me there are terrorists out there!): What would happen if George Bush is going to visit your home. One week before his visit itself your house will be flocking with intelligence agents, security agents, FBI,…..Hmm! if you stay in some parts of Asia the whole military will be there. Well then consider every visitor as George Bush and your site as your home. No one dead or alive in this world would like to have Trojans, spies in their computers. Now if your site requests for personal information from your visitors and then does not provide them with adequate security then rest assured your mega site will be a mega flop!

4. For e-commerce sites: If you have an online business then the above said security is that important to you that your visitors can even make you end up in jail. Imagine collecting the credit card information from one of your customers that is viewable to a hacker. It is like giving the keys to a burglar! SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are important in this regard. It costs somewhere around 3500 Rs (approx. 60$). If you are aiming at a bigger profit then that is not a big sum to spend.

5. Too many graphics slows it down: I don’t think I have to explain this much. You probably must have experienced this while visiting a Flash site through your dial up connection. It takes forever for a site to even load in your browser window….forget about surfing! So to treat each and every visitor to your site equally and to satisfy your addiction to flash offer separate pages (of course with the same content) for dial up and DSL audiences etc. If you think it's your browser and not connection that slows you down then here is a solution for you

6.Finding the right host: This is another pothole in your path. Be careful. Be extremely careful! There are zillions of hosting companies that finding the best among them can be exhausting. Many of them do not provide what they offer. In fact they bluff you! What they project as 500 MB space with database will be 100 MB of web space and 400 MB of database space. If you are doing a small site with absolutely no need for database then you are trapped! There is a list of the best 5 hosting companies in the website http://www.bannerandlogodesigner.com check it out now.

7. Spelling mistakes and grammatical error: Making this error is like preparing a delicious pudding and serving it your customers with a dead house fly in it. So simply don’t make them.

8. Promoting your site: This I tell you is the most difficult step of all. Imagine you are somewhere in Sahara desert and you have set up a wonderful feast and then wait for guests to arrive. Well the only company you will get is the loneliness of the desert. So you must publicize you site for visitors to come in. There are few ways by which you can do this.

Join a link exchange program or a banner exchange program where they put a link or a banner to your site and viceversa. View the complete list of sites offering this scheme. These programs are good in the sense that you don’t have to spend a penny to advertise your site. Providing free stuff on your site is another way of promoting it. Writing blogs and e-books with lots of link to your site is another way of doing it. But whatever you do you got to do it honestly. Don’t just write a blog or an e-book just as an advertisement for your site. Do it honestly you will get more visitors than you expect. My experience is the guarantee!

9.Designing your logos and banners: A logo sums up what a company is. It tells us everything about the company through one picture. Any company (even events and organizations) must have their own logo. A banner is the simplest and worthiest form of advertisement in the web. Get you logo and banner designed at the lowest rates.
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The Best Way To Hide Your IP Address Without a VPN

Now before I kick off on the discussion, let me say this; in the world Internet safety it is better to scatter the most stable delusion concerning net anonymity. People assume it's miles impossible to get any information about a person via the net. I suggest the following proposition: "i do not need anonymity because i have no "dark" offers. It have to care the hackers..." and now assume: is it correct while strangers recognize your own home address and need to go into your home without your permission?

They continually follow your every move and try to discover all about you. I'm certain you may not be satisfied approximately it. So, inform me, please, why most people of Internet users does not care approximately their security inside the net? Besides, lately more and more resources provide a person with exclusive statistics in line with domestic place.

As an instance, quite a few us informational business initiatives do no longer display the most vital records to humans out of doors united states of America. Is it now not honest? No longer half! These days we're going to try and correct this unfairness. If you understand ip cope with of a pc you can realize loads of things approximately its customers.

We start with the concept of the nets in general and the Internet in a selected. To be exact, we begin with the guideline of addressing uploaded facts packets. So, when you type some cope within a browser line, the request to begin with is despatched to the dns server which transforms the symbol string into the set of 32 zeros and ones (zero, 1) - ip deal with that's used for routing. If an interloper is aware of that deal with he/she will be able to hook out a variety of records. For example, actual domestic location. Or with the assist of whois carrier which defines person's provider easily by his ip cope with. Well, how can you guard your self? For that reason you need to conceal ip cope with.

Proxy server

Exploring a way to cover ip cope with with proxy server that's something like a mediator between the person's laptop and the net servers we've observed the "betrayer" - ip cope with which may be deleted in no manner due to information routing necessity. However the proxy server sends requests to the internet server itself. And it receives all data in go back. It is why at the beginning blush using proxy - anonymity assure. However it's now not so easy. It transpired that most people of proxies sends very last consumer ip address in a special field (x-forwarded-for). Really, there are nameless offerings however it is hard to find them. However if you discover one of these server you can disguise ip address and use the internet. By way of the manner, you can take a look at any proxy for anonymity on the website online http://www.Proxylist.Com.


Anonymizer - an nameless proxy server which has its own web interface. And it's very clean to paintings with it. All you want is visit the web page, placed important cope with inside the unique discipline - it is it. After that server will disguise ip deal with. Then the requested web page downloads. You could be sure that you're comfy.

But there are a few risks:

Download speed of pages can gradual down considerably
Most of them are costly

In recent times it is almost not possible to discover a accurate anonymizer without spending a dime. Of motive after they had simply regarded no person may want to consider selling. Maximum that the proprietors should permit - to set a few marketing banners. Now users do need to pay to live unnoticed. By the way, there are a variety of those who stand at the fact that anonymizers aren't felony and have to be stopped. But, of reason, it is flimflam due to the fact then we have to additionally stop periwigs industry due to the fact criminals use them to change their exterior.

Now we understand how to hide ip cope with, but there are different more powerful approaches to lurk. The maximum well-known - cookies generation. Frequent, humans use cookies technology in foxy purposes. What is it? Cookie - is a symbol string (4 kb) which a server writes to the particular report on a computer of a user.

This era changed into developed for handy net operating. For instance, e-store can do not forget a consumer and offer him/her to take a look over a few new products in step with his/her unique preferences. A unique access obstacle has been set to shop all records confidentiality: handiest that server that put the information inside the cookies can read them within the destiny. Sadly, it grew to become out to be a piece of cake to bypass it.

Assume returned, what do you see on almost all internet pages inside the internet? This is proper, banners and site visitors counters. Aptly, most of these elements are downloaded from their very own servers. Therefore a visitation counter script located at the range of websites can without problems write down and examine the statistics from the cookies.

As a result a system has an opportunity to observe your net rote or to analyze your web habits. And this, in its turn, is the herbal lurk. Do you agree? You have to disguise ip address! There are distinct services which could conceal ip cope with but i realize for positive simply one that makes use of gui interface and has no equivalents - arovax smarthide.

Arovax smarthide

Smarthide is a type of anonymizer but it has no Internet interface. It uses easy interface and looks like some other software that a user runs regular. Just one button click is needed to cover ip deal with. You can disguise ip deal with for free with this software.

There are loads of services with web interface but it's a depend of fact that they provide now not all what they are saying. Moreover, with the easy software program like arovax smarthide you shouldn't fill the fields all of the time. It will disguise ip deal with simply for everything inclusive of icq, browsers, irc, e mail, ftp, and so forth.


Socks technology is a relaxed tool that provides anonymity within the net. We are speakme about socks-protocols. A working principle of this technology is similar to the proxy server's one. A socks-server gets laptop person's records, sends it to the web-server and retargets again data returned. There are numerous severe differences, surely. First - "communique" between a patron pc and a socks-server is served not by means of the not unusual protocols however by the special ones (socks4, socks5, and so forth.) as a result user's ip cope with switch is not possible in precept.

Furthermore, a socks-server transforms the customers' statistics into requests for the usual protocols itself. That means that no other server will wager that it sends the statistics not to the very last consumer but to its mediator. It is quite enough to download a unique utility sockscap furnished by company nec america, inc. Install it, run it, pick the software which have to be secured. (internet explorer, mozilla firefox), put in socks-server address and a port. This is all - now you're in secure even as the use of the browsers.

That is all there's to it, i guess. I have presented all most well-known methods which may be used to be able to make a consumer nameless in internet area for nowadays. Of purpose, the situation changes all the time and new trends appear each day, this is why in case you need to be covered and anonymous even as browsing the net try to follow the trendy news concerning pc protection.
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