Messenger Is Finally Returning To The Facebook Application

Does it trouble you as much as it does me that Messenger is a different application from Facebook? On the off chance that the appropriate response is truly, and I believe almost certainly that it will, we could all be in karma. It appears that Messenger will come back to the Facebook application within the near future.

Application specialist Jane Manchung Wong has recognized that Facebook is trying the coordination of Messenger visits. Talking in silver, you will realize certainly that a visit to the platform conversation inside the Facebooke app would lead to aredirection to Messenger or to plystore as in the past without downloading Messenger. One application for everything, much the same as in the past times.

Facebook is taking the Chats back to the application for getting ready coordinated messaging. Be that as it may, it appears that the "new" visits won't have every one of the capacities that Messenger as of now performs. That is, you will almost certainly visit in an ordinary manner about sending and accepting messages, however calls, video calls or sending photographs to the individual on the opposite side will even now need the particular Messenger application.

It appears this is an initial step of Facebook for the incorporation of all messaging administrations under Zuckerberg: WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. What's your opinion of the thought? Is it true that you are anticipating uninstalling Messenger as much as I am?
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Features Of The New Apple Credit Card

The use of the Apple Card implementation may be designated mainly to the iPhone. This will have the capabilities of a real credit card that will have a virtual payment system.

The Apple Card will be able to exploit the
potential of Apple Wallet and the iOS operating system. Thanks to the iOS Wallet application, it will be easy to access credit card transactions. The Apple Card will be activated from Apple devices.

Among the features of the Apple Card, there is a loyalty system called Daily Cash, which is a sort of cashback service. Thanks to this feature users can receive, without any problem, some daily
reimbursements based on the expenditure made. The reimbursement will go from 1% up to 3% depending on the method of purchase that will be made.

Apple has been careful to provide users with a clear and safe product, in fact, it will be possible, with the help of the app Map, to control all information about the transitions. The account statement can be viewed directly online so that it can be checked at any time, like a real virtual account. Apple Card: the secure credit card but with no monthly/annual cost The Apple reassures all users.

No monthly or annual fees will be required to use the Apple Card and can be used safely anywhere in the world. We know how Apple is sensitive to privacy and security. Even in this case, with the Apple Card , users are not at risk, the data will not be transferred for any reason. The payment methods will
in fact only work through the use of the Face ID or Touch ID, this will depend exclusively on the iPhone model used.

In any case, it is good to specify that there will be the possibility to request a physical card . It will not be the classic credit card on which all user information will be present but only the name of the cardholder with the Apple logo will be present. All this information about the Apple Card goes to confirm how Apple takes the privacy and security of user data.

Apple Card: when will the new credit card be available? The Apple Card credit card will be available, apparently, starting this summer in the United States. At the moment there is no further information concerning possibly other markets and therefore a possible availability also in Europe.
The information on the new Apple Card credit card ends here, but in the meantime continue to follow us as usual, to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the world of technology and mobile telephony.
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How To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone Without Deleting Anything

The problem of low storage space is really common among iPhone users as you may have an iPhone of 16GB but in order to download new files, you constantly have to delete old videos, unused apps and other files that eats up your phone space as a result of the device telling you insufficient space. I've written this article on how you can free up lots of storage space on your iPhone without having to delete any of your important files.

This method though a bit tricky, has helped a lot of people. 

Easy Steps To Free Up Space On iPhone Without Deleting Anything

Step 1:
Head straight to iTunes Store and attempt to rent a movie with large file size e.g 1956's "War and Peace" which is about 8.86GB in HD or let's say "The Lord of the Rings" epics - that will be too big to download. 

Don't be afraid, you won't be charged because the file is too big for the little storage space you have left on your phone. Now, you'll get a notification saying; there is not enough available storage to download "name of movie attempted to download". 

Step 2:
Now, select "OK" and then navigate to your settings. Select General, then go to Storage & iCloud Usage, and you'll discover that you have freed up some space.

I know many questions must have started flowing through your minds by now, like, how did this magic happened?. Just read on to know how it happened.

This is what actually happens:
The attempt your phone made to download that large file has apparently erased some of the unnecessary or "cached" data that was being used by your phone apps. Thus, creating storage space for you which you can use to do whatever you like.

To recover more storage space on your device, repeat the steps 5-6 times or more and you'll notice an increase of almost 1 - 2GB newly available storage space on your IPhone and you should be able to download files you like. 
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How To Keep Your SmartPhone Running For A Longer Time..

In recent times it has become a habit of directly removing the battery from a phone without properly switching it off first.. In this article I'll explain to you some of the hazards of such behavior..

When you switched the phone off correctly, it knows that it power will be shut down shortly. That means, all the apps and the operating system get the chance to save whatever needs to be saved and to go through their proper shut-down process. 

Removing the battery without switching the phone off will immediately crash every running applications as well as the operating system(OS). It's just like unplugging your system while it's running. You can do it, but it's not advice-able, a bad idea though..

Image result for battery unplugged from phone

And another thing is that While switching off your device, the operating system will make sure that every thing connected to the phone's memory and external memory is properly and carefully closed. If you remove the battery before switching off your phone, you may corrupt the memory which may lead to unexpected behavior.

Hope you enjoyed this article. leave your comments below.
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Here's The World's First Vein Recognition Smartphone – LG G8 ThinQ

LG declared its new G8 ThinQ cell phone on Sunday, and it accompanies a remarkable trap to open the smartphone: vein recognition.

To be sure, the LG G8 utilizes the veins in the palms of your hands to open the smartphone, which the organization calls "Hand ID." It's a novel strategy, yet it's indistinguishable thought from cutting edge facial recognition.

To distinguish and perceive your veins, the LG G8 has what LG calls a "Z" camera that recognizes a clients' veins with infrared light. There's likewise a 3D detecting "time of flight" (ToF) camera on the facade of the LG G8 that identifies the shape, thickness, and other individual qualities of a client's palms.

To open the LG G8 utilizing Hand ID, a client needs to float their palm over the LG G8's selfie camera, and raise it up gradually:

In the engine, you'll discover things like a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of capacity (that can be extended), and a 3,500 mAh battery.

Here Are The Spec Sheet underneath;

LG G8 Specifications and Price

Working System Android 9 Pie

Show 6.1-inch OLED


Gorilla Glass 6

HDR 10

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Capacity 128GB

Expandable microSD up to 2TB

Smash 6GB

Camera (Main) 12MP, 1.4µm pixels, ƒ/1.5, OIS

78° focal point

Camera (Wide) 16MP, 1.0µm pixels, ƒ/1.9

107° focal point, fixed core interest

Camera (Telephoto) 12MP, 1.0µm, ƒ/2.4, 56mm OIS

Front Camera 8MP, ƒ/1.7

80° focal point, fixed core interest

Front Camera (Secondary) ToF

Network Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, NFC

USB-C 3.1

Sound 32-piece Hi-Fi Quad DAC

Boombox speaker

Gem Sound OLED Stereo Speaker

Earphone jack

Battery 3500mAh


Charging USB-C

Speedy Charge 3.0

Qi remote

Water Resistance  IP68

MIL-STD 810G ensured

Security Rear unique finger impression sensor, Face open, Hand ID

Measurements 151.9 x 71.8 x 8.4 mm

Weight 167 grams

Hues Carmine Red, New Aurora Black, New Platinum Gray

Just amazing.
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How To Transfer Pictures From Your iPhone To Your PC Without iTunes

iTunes can prove to be too complicated for most users to store photo albums even though there have been advances in mobile camera technology, smartphones today serve as the perfect photo capturing devices.
iPhones in particular have been known for their industry-leading camera performance. 

When on vacation with your family, an iPhone is more than enough to capture all the special moments, be it in photos or videos. But what happens when you want to store them on your computer, or back them up on a hard drive? In some cases users end up just letting the pictures sit idle on their iOS devices.

Turns out, there's an extremely simple work around to this. The best part? You don't even need to have iTunes installed on your system for this to work. Windows automatically reads your iPhone as a camera, and allows you to access pictures and videos on it like you would with a regular digital camera.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 2: A dialogue box might pop up asking if you want to trust this computer. Tap 'Trust'.

Step 3: Now, Windows will detect the ios device as a camera. Go to File Explorer>This PC, and double-click on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: Now, go to Internal Storage>DCIM, and all the folders with your pictures and videos will appear.

Step 5: Copy and Paste whatever files you wish to save to your PC.

That's all there is to it, really. You can now organise these pictures, however, you may like, and back them up to the cloud.
Incase you are having troubles with this method, and Windows does not read the files on your iPhone, you can fix that in a matter of seconds. Search for 'Devices and Printers' from the Start Menu, and open it. 

Once there, find your iPhone and right click on it, and then hit 'Troubleshoot'. This will fix any problems with the connection, and Windows will now let you access files on the device.

I hope this tutorial would be helpful to iPhone users. If you still have any questions use the comments section below. 
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Google Partner with UBA to Provide Free Internet to Customers

Google has collaborated with United Bank for Africa (UBA) and 21st Century Technologies to give free WiFi crosswise over 11 areas in Lagos State, Nigeria. This is an augmentation of the Google Station activity propelled at the #GoogleforNigeria held a year ago.

Google said it will reveal the activity in 200 areas in five urban areas crosswise over Nigeria before the finish of 2019. Google Station, a stage for giving free, fast Wi-Fi hotspots out in the open spots, started in Lagos a year ago, and reached out to Abuja in December in association with Backbone Connectivity Network.

This google-fueled activity would permit clients access to web network inside the 11 branches and its environs, in this manner encouraging their everyday organizations and exercises, while guaranteeing unhindered availability.

The 11 branches where the hotspot will be found are: UBA Bank Road, 810-811 Bank Road, Daleko; UBA Matori, 21 Fatai Atere road; UBA Surulere, 152 Ogunlana Drive; UBA Allen, 13 Allen Avenue, Ikeja; UBA Tisco Plaza, Alausa; UBA Apapa, 11-13 Warehouse Road, Apapa; UBA Marina, 55 Marina, Lagos Island; UBA HQ, Broad Street, Marina; UBA Lekki Admiralty; UBA Oke Arin and UBA Aspamda Plaza, Trade Fair.

Google Nigeria's Country Director, noticed that the organizations stayed concentrated on giving web administrations to clients to free.

She stated, "With the assistance of our accomplices, we are putting forth astounding web access in vigorously dealt territories like airplane terminals, markets, shopping centers and transport stations all through the nation, particularly in zones where there were no web associations previously.

"Indeed, even with the astounding advancement on growing portable web, we are finding that open Wi-Fi remains a critical advance in getting free, brilliant web to everybody," she clarified.
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Instagram Tests Direct Messaging for Web

This is probably part of the move of Facebook towards messeges unification Instagram test the capacity to send and get immediate messages through its site on portable and work area gadgets.

At present, the work area experience on Instagram is a negligible, pared-down rendition of the versatile application that demonstrates minimal more than the feed. There's still no immediate method to transfer and upload photographs, and the administration is moderate to include new features.

Browser notification support was added only last September. A few highlights, for example, the capacity to transfer stories, are confined to the mobile application and portable web as it were. Instagram has said it has "no plans to give clients a chance to transfer photographs or stories from the work area." Direct messages going to the web would be a colossal advance forward for the previous mobile only application.

Application analyst Jane Wong tweeted the screen capture of the component and the test include added an immediate message symbol to the menu bar on the web, which would empower users to see, react to and send new DMs.

The move could have something to do with Facebook's arrangements to combine Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs into a solitary, bound together stage.
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How To Use Split Screen Mode On Your Android SmartPhone

As we're already aware, Android Nougat comes jam-packed with a range of features make the user experience as seamless as possible. The latest update highlights to be rolled out to Nougat include an improved notifications panel, optimization of the data and power saving mechanisms, and support for VR. One of the big ticket items that has won a lot of fans (us included) are the task management options. Thanks to the latest update, you can now use two apps simultaneously in split screen mode.

Not all apps are created equal, and for that reason you'll find that not all of them will be compatible with the split-screen mode. Don't worry, it's not you, it's them (the developers) as they will need to complete another update before more apps will be able to be used in this mode. For the moment, though, there is a way around this issue. You can run any application in split screen from the developer options in the latest version of the Google mobile operating system.

How To Run any app in split screen mode
First. you'll need to activate the developer options on your mobile. To do this go to Settings > Developer options > About this device. Once you are there click on "Version number" a few times until you receive a notice saying you are now a developer.

Return to the Settings menu and open "Developer options. Then scroll right down to the end of the page and enable the last option which is listed: "Force activities to be re-sizable." Once you've done this you will need to restart your phone to activate the option. Once you've activated this option, even those apps that aren't usually compatible with the Nougat upgrade will be able to run in split screen mode.

Finally, to activate the split screen mode, open two apps of your choice and then click and hold on the task manager button. Both apps will then open in the split screen mode.

Do you think the split screen mode will be helpful for your own multitasking needs? Or will you be sticking to the more traditional single task approach for the time being? Let us know in the comments below.
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