How To Change Rooted And Unrooted Samsung Galaxy IMEI To BlackBerry Using Mobile Uncle

In todays tutorial I'll be showing how to change rooted & unrooted samsung galaxy IMEI to BlackBerry using mobile uncle in response to several rquest that I recieved.
Download Mobileuncle Tools==>
 Run the application to install it==> Open it and select ‘Engineer Mode’ then ‘Engineer Mode (MTK)’==>
Look for the ‘Connectivity as the Option Menu' by scrolling from right to left==> Choose ‘CDS Information’ and then ‘Radio Information’==>

Choose the SIM card you want to change its IMEI number (Phone 1 represents Sim 1 and Phone 2 stands for Sim 2)==>
 On most MTK, SIM 1 is the default and it is set to 3G enabled==> Select ‘Phone 1’==> When you see AT , Type in ‘EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI’==> After choosing that click ‘SEND AT COMMAND”==> The next notification message you will see is AT command is Msend

After following the above process,
Type in ‘EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI’==> After choosing that ,
Give a space between the equality sign and the number.
That is "EGMR=  1,7"your 15 digit bb IMEI"
Note the space in between..
After following this process click send.
Any questions ask in the comment box below. 

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