Are you tired of seeing the same apps and games anytime you open Google play store on your android phone? It's because play store is loading them from the cache it's already saved in your phone. 
In this post, I'll share with you how you can easily get rid of this cache and make playstore show you the most recent apps and stuffs like that. 

Sometimes to have the latest most up-to-date apps and updates in the App Store, you could need to clear the cache in the App Store . Here we bring you a quick built-in means to take in order to clear the App Store cache on your smartphone and load new apps 

How to refresh Google play store and load new apps 

To clear the App Store cache, first start by tapping the “App Store” icon on your Home screen.

Refresh your App Store by clearing cache
Tap ten times on any one of the buttons on the toolbar which you could see at the bottom of the App Store screen (this are Featured, Top Charts, Search, Explore or Updates).

The App Store now empties its cache, reloading with current and updated apps.
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