Its no news how difficult it has been for users of the latest android version (5.1) to root their devices..
With this latest kingroot version 4.8.0 you can now root those stubborn android lollipop
Well before you go on rooting your device I'll strongly encourage you to read up my previous post on (MERITS AND DEMERITS OF ROOTING AN ANDROID DEVICE )

New Features of the latest Kingroot

1. Focus more attention on keeping your device safe after root
2. New function to increase system running speed with one click
3. Enhance quality of app, new user interface and new experience
4. Fix some bugs.

You definitely need to give this latest version a super shot.

How To Root Android 5.1 lollipop with the latest version of Kingroot
*First install the app by downloading the apk file
*You would then see a circle button indicating if your device is rooted or not
*If rooted you have nothing else to do
*If not rooted, click on the circle as it progresses and wait until it reaches 100%.

Congrats you are done. If you have any question drop them in the comments section below.
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