USB On-The-Go, commonly called USB OTG, is a technology that allows Primary devices like mobile phones to play the host and allowing other accessories to be connected to the primary device.

 USB On-The-Go (OTG) allows two USB devices to talk to each other without requiring the services of a personal computer (PC). OTG cables work on Android devices WITH custom ROM/Kernel that support USB Host mode. If your device is compatible with OTG, let me show you 7 things you can do with an OTG cable and your phone.

CONNECT AND TYPE WITH A KEYBOARD: You can connect your USB keyboard to you phone and type with easy. This feature can also be used with the USB mouse too.

CHARGE ANOTHER DEVICE WITH YOUR PHONE: With OTG USB, you can connect and charge other phones from your main phone just like a powerbank.

CONTROL YOUR CAMERA: You can control your camera from your phone too.

CONNECT A JOYPAD AND PLAY GAMES: You can now do the trick better by using a Joystick with your Smart Phone. This makes playing game more interesting and easier.

PRINT DIRECTLY FROM YOUR PHONE: With the OTG cable, no don't need to copy out your files to a computer system before you print.

CONNECT YOUR PHONE DIRECTLY TO YOUR CABLE NETWORK: Some people wont believe this but this is a good well to browse at top speed on the phone.

CONNECT EXTERNAL MEMORIES AND MODEM: You can connect you external memories and modems to you phone directly so that you can copy files from them.

An OTG cable cost just 1000 naira at the konga online store. Go ahead, get one and get better value from your smart phone.

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