Some people  still find it difficult downloading high quality videos or big games over a short period of time due the network speed or the phone speed. So there is need to configure your 3G network to 4G for better browsing and downloading speed.

As we are quite aware that rooting allows us to use our android device to the maximum use. Before carrying out this procedure, ensure your phone is rooted.

There are other procedures but this method is the easiest and best method to boost or hack your 3G to 4G.
1.First download the 4G system option file.
Download Here
2. Next Download Es File Explorer. You can Google for it.
3. Open Es File Explorer and at the right menu side, and grant it Root Permission.
4. The File you have downloaded extract it using Rar or es file Explorer or other zip extractor apps to a place where you can remember.
5. Now Launch your Es File Explorer and locate the file you extracted and copy it.
6. Go to Device=> System=> etc=> ppp and paste it there.
7. Once successfully pasted, change the permissions of the file( tap and hold it and click on More=> Properties=> Edit permission)
8. Now tick the permissions under Read(Owner, group, other), intick all under write and Tick all Under Execute.

After that click OK to save the permissions. You will notice a writing like 'r-x-r-x-r-x'.
It means you have granted it system access.
9. Now reboot your phone.

You will notice a change in your Download speed.

This tutorial comes as a good news for those in areas with poor network connection. 
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