There are different ways of unlocking your Computer via your smartphone e.g bluetooth and Wifi. Today I think I should show you a better way or I should say the best way of unlocking your computer with your Android and iPhone devices.

The method gives your login a cool and secured feature. Yeah! Very cool and requires third party tools which will customize your Windows.

How To Unlock Your PC with Android and iPhone Devices

The procedures will lead you to using your smartphone as unlocking tools for your PC. This will make your Computer display another login page after signing in with your normal Window login page. Then you will use your Smartphone to unlock. Below are the steps to take.

Steps To Unlock PC With Android and Iphone Devices
Download Rohos Logon Key Software in your smartphone and Computer. It is available in all platform: Rohos For Windows | Rohos For Mac OS | Rohos For Android | Rohos For iPhone
Open the software in your computer.

Click on the “Options”. Then follow the settings below

After following the settings above, click OK
Now you are required to setup the key. Select the QR Code method to verify key
Now Download mobile app from your most preferred store considering your OS. Scan this QR Code from that app displaying on the screen. Mobile will start detecting your PC.

Yeah! That's all. Your PC is now connected to your smartphone. Now every time after unlocking the window screen, you will need your smartphone to unlock this second autentication.

With all these given steps you can now unlock your PC with your smartphone.
If you still find any of these points confusing feel free to ask me in the comment box. 
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