Do you wanna upgrade your windows smartphone to Windows 10 for mobile? It's not difficult and I'll show you how to do just that in 3 steps! 

Requirements for upgrading your Nokia Lumina to Windows 10

1. Data: make sure you have enough data, about 2gb should be OK for the upgrade and the set up after that. 

2. Battery, you should ensure that your device won't go off during the process. 

Stage 0: Backup your phone

As a heady geek, I skipped this stage. But please don't in your case. 

Stage 1 - > Upgrading Nokia Lumia to Windows 10: Install Windows Insider app

Go to the Windows app store and install the Windows Insider app. You will need it to enable your phone see Windows 10 mobile update.

Stage 2 - > Upgrading Nokia Lumia to Windows 10: Configure the Windows Insider app

All you have to do is set it to enable Insider Previews. (I chose Insider Slow option)

Stage 3 - > Upgrading Nokia Lumia to Windows 10 : Check for and install update 

After your phone reboots at the last step of the Stage 2, you will now be able to see and install Windows 10 as an update.

It took me some time to download and install. At a point I was worried the phone had freezed when I didn't notice any progress for the first 10 minutes of update installation (the spinning gears part). Don't freak out here! 

Stage 4: Welcome to the new Windows Mobile.

Everything looks very cool and lovely in the Windows 10 mobile. 

What you will loose after upgrading to Windows 10 on Mobile 

- email settings 
- call history 
- messages

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