Malware is at its peak and your smartphone could be at the risk. More users have been victim of cybertheft and you could be the next victim. Tutorials here would help you to keep your information secured from malicious software and cybercriminals.

In 2013, research shows that 81.3 percent, or 204.4 million, of smartphones shipped were powered by Android. This rapid increment caught the attention of cybercriminals; double effort were made to illegally obtain personal information from Android users. According to research "people are susceptible to malware rather than smartphone itself". Only if you have done what you have to do – you will be free from malwares. Freedom from malware requires few actions below.

Steps To Immune Your Android Against Malwares
Download from legitimate App Stores e.g. Google, Amazon, Samsung and others.
Do not download cracked or pirated apps i.e. Most cracked apps contains malicious program.
Enable App Verification i.e Google includes numerous settings in the Android operating system that can prevent malicious attacks.

Enable verify app option Settings>Security> enable Verify apps.
Regularly update your software. Update fixes bug, enhancement and add new feature to your device. To check for an update on stock Android go to Setting>About phone or About tablet>select System Updates.
Install Antivirus Apps e.g Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Sophos, Norton, and TrendMicro

Now You are 95% free from malware. The remaining 5% freedom depends on your smartness – be smart enough not to allow any app decieve you.
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