Many thinks if you lose/forget your windows password, the only solution is to format just like in the case of android. Well, they are actually wrong, you can reset your windows password if you ever forget it.

To reset it, follow these simple steps.

Our main aim to get the computer to command prompt(CMD) . To do this,

Turn on you computer, continuously press F8 just before it boot until some option shows up.

scroll down to and select command prompt(cmd) .
If the above instructions didn't work, then you are gonna need a bootable windows cd or flash .

With the bootable media inserted, set the computer to boot from (USB if you are using a bootable flash) or (CD-ROM if you are using a cd)

On the next window, select Repair computer.

click next

click cancel

click command prompt
For windows 8 and 10 users

click repair computer -- troubleshoot -- advance -- command prompt

At this point, we need to locate the drive that has the user account. The drive could either be C: or D: or E: or H: or F:

Don't get get confused just follow exactly what i say.

In the command prompt, type dir C: . you will get a window like this

If your own does not contain the highlighted folders above, then keep on trying the next drive by dir d: or dir e: or dir h: or dir f: until you get the highlighted folder above

Next change the directory by typing c: if you get the highlighted folders in drive c or type d: if you get the highlighted folders in drive d and so on with the rest of the drive

Next type cd windows\system32

type ren sethc.exe you.exe

type copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
Now remove your bootable media and reboot your computer

In the login window, press the shit key five times ..This will open the cmd

type net user .this will display all the user accounts

to reset the password, type "net user space the user account you want to reset space the new password" e.g net user giftechs mypassword

Now login with the new password
if successful then GOOD JOB. But if not PLEASE REVIEW IT AGAIN

Now lets undo what we renamed the first time.. Open my computer--local disk C--windows--system32

search for "sethc.exe" delete it.

NOTE: repeat the procees to ren you.exe sethc.exe

This tutorial might be a bit tricky for newbies. So if you are not really a computer literate I'll advice you consult a programmer to assist you with the processes.

For any further confusions please drop them in the comment box below. I might be of some help. 

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