In this article today Ill will be showing you how to Send Any File Size, Up To 1GB On Whatsapp
You may think you know how to send any file size on WhatsApp but the truth is that you can’t! No, it is not possible for you to do it because WhatsApp messenger does not allow large files – video, audio, documents that is above 6omb to be shared over it’s network. 

Though WhatsApp is a social networking site but it is basically a chat network which allows you to share simple basic information. However, Whatsapp users still need to how to send audio, video or image over Whatsapp of up to 1GB. This article will guide you on what to do.

I know some experienced users are wondering about the the fact that WhatsApp has a built in facility that allows you to sending images, videos and audios. Now my second question is for experienced Whatsapp user: Do you know how to send an eBook, PDF, Word document or a Text file on WhatsApp?

OK, if you think it is possible, why not go ahead and try it? The thing is, been the most popular social networking application, many of your friends are using it. But you still rely on Email, Gmail, Telegram etc to send large files. But today, i will teach you a new trick on how to send any file on WhatsApp.

Top Two Ways to Send Any File on Whatsapp 

Using WaSend

With WaSend you will be able to send any file on WhatsApp up to 150MB: documents, videos, music, doc, pdf, zip, rar, apk, mp3, mp4, jpg, png, photos without resizing and without losing quality, etc.How it works? WaSend hide your files inside video files to “trick” WhatsApp. A video file will be created each 15MB you want to send. It is necessary that the sender sends all the videos, and the recipient downloads them to extract the hidden files.

However, the restriction is that both sender and receiver must have WaSend installed to send and receive files.

The following are the steps for sending any files on Whatsapp using WaSend.

Install WaSend in both Receiver and Sender mobile. It is available on Google Play Store.

Open the app and click on the Add button. Then select the file using the file explorer or the built-in file manager.Wasend
After selecting the file, a Pick file as popup box will appear. From the popup box select the Normal Android Way and then the file will show as seen below, you will need to select the button in front of it.Wasend
On the new pop up that appears, press on Send button and it will redirect you to WhatsApp application.


The final stage is just to select the friend or group from WhatsApp to whom you want to send the document file and click on the hit the Ok. 

Now the work is for the receiver. He or she will get a notification alert like WhatsApp alert notification. And by clicking on the message he or she will get the file that you send.

Send Any Large File, Up To 1GB on Whatsapp Using WhatsTools

WhatsTools is a new Android application which helps you to send any large file on Whatsappbut but unlike Wasend, you can send a maximum of 1GB with it. It is simply an extension for your messenger and it works on almost all types of messaging apps. Using this tool you can easily send movies, PDF, MS office documents, APK files, ZIP and RAR files, etc. The best part is that you can get it as a free download on Google play store. Follow the below steps to know how it works.


When you run it for the first time it asks you to enable Accessibility Service to use this tool. Simply tap on “TURN ON SERVICE” button or you can manually do it by going your phone’s Settings >> Accessibility >>WhatsTools Service. It also demonstrates to you how easy it is to setup.


After that, it will prompt you to allow access to your Google drive. After granting access to your Google account, you can share your Google Drive files with your WhatsApp friends. Now your Whatsools is ready for use.

Looking closely on the main interface, there is a plus button which is used to select your files that you are interested in sharing with your friends. Choose your desired file and click on “Share” button. This process uploads the file on the server and prompts a window to share that file on your messaging app.

Now choose WhatsApp and select a friend to which you send that uploaded file. Now you are done. The user will get a unique link of that file. He/She can open it with the browser or with WhatsApp tool.


This tool also works directly on the WhatsApp messenger. To send any file on WhatsApp, click on attachment button from WhatsApp contact. This will show you two windows instead of one. The below window is for WhatsApp. Now select your file and send it to your friend. That’s it.

Final Words 

These are the simple applications to send any type of file on WhatsApp. If the receiver does not have the application, he or she will get a short video from the sender that demonstrates about the application. Have you gotten anyone to work for you? Let us know by using the comment box below.
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