Below are 100% tested and trusted ways and techniques to aid you to actually spot the difference between the fake android device and the real device.

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What are the things to look out for when trying to spot a fake Android phone in the market?

Perform a Physical Check-up to Distinguish a Fake Galaxy Phone from a Real One

Below are tips to know if an android phone is original or fake:

Check on the screen’s brightness and vibrancy: original android screen is vibrant and lively colors on-screen, Fake devices show dull colors.

Check the space from the screen to the edge. Cloned phones have a wide gap from the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone.

The Samsung logo or the Android device logo on the phone is not smoothed. You can feel the Samsung logo on fake products. The logo can be easily rubbed off and removed.
Gap on the home and power buttons and volume buttons have abnormal gaps on the fake android phones.

Check the phone sensors. Some sensors are missing or misplaced.
Check the screen’s glass material. Run your fingers through the screen. If it feels like plastic more than glass, then the device is made of cheap glass material.
Check the Android phone Graphics And performance

Some fake Android phones are so convincing that one can hardly see any physical differences from the real product. However, when put to performance tests, they fail and the devices will be exploited. Try these tests below:

Multi-task by opening multiple applications. Play music in the background while opening other applications. Do not close applications. Instead, press the Home button and open other applications. Fake phones will either run slow or hang.

Reboot the phone then observe the boot sound and animation: Fake devices tend to start very slowly compared to real Galaxy phones.
Take multiple pictures. Notice the speed of how pictures were taken
Run graphics-intensive games.
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