Internet pornography has immense traction in the world. With more people connecting to the internet via smartphones than PCs, adult content is now served in the form of apps. There are tons of porn apps available on Google Play and not to forget the countless websites Android users visit every day.

Watching porn is something totally personal and there are no legal restrictions in many countries. However, here are few reasons as to why one should avoid viewing porn on your primary Android smartphone and tips to avoid the wicked cyber-tricks.

1) It leads to illegal VAS subscriptions

Porn is mostly free. However, it can actually prove to be something really costly. Popular porn websites in an attempt to jack up profits are restoring to illegal VAS subscriptions. This means the moment you visit a particular website on your Android smartphone, a VAS subscription automatically gets activated in the background.

Subscriptions like Juiceup packs, horoscope, Dream girl packs, etc with a monthly or daily charge automatically gets activated. The value is usually small to avoid the attention of the user.

So, if you are losing mobile balance without your knowledge and consent, please contact your service provider. 
The best workaround is to opt for airplane mode and switch to Wi-Fi to visit porn websites.

2) Attracts more porn tickers

Porn tickers are an irritating age-old problem with Android. These come as a fake version of a legit Android app. Like if you watch porn on an Android mobile and then head on to the Play Store to download popular games, porn tickers will disguise themselves in the form of Temple Run, Hay Day, etc. So, if someone taps on it without going through the credentials, they are basically downloading a Trojan.

It is always advisable to browse porn in incognito mode with "Do not allow websites to track" feature on in the browser. Clear cache frequently and do not download apps without checking the credentials.

3) Huge security risk

Browsing porn on an Android smartphone which has your primary Gmail ID along with the banking app is a huge risk. The security and privacy of that particular Android phone is totally on the attention and interest of any cybercriminal.

4) Ransomwares

Nothing is actually free online. There's a payload for everything either in the form of cash or data. Ransomwares are sophisticated malware which locks down a device completely and then blackmails the user to pay up to unlock. Ransomwares are on the rise and it is very serious issue. Everything on the device is at the mercy of that rogue cyber geek. And there is no guarantee that he will unlock the phone even after receiving payment. Rogue porn websites have mastered this already.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. 
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