Google Chrome Has a Secret Game You Can Play When the Internet's down or poor. 
This dinosaur game makes patchy internet halfway tolerable.

We've all been there. Stuck on a bus or train, or riding shotgun in the car for hours with barely a half a bar of signal that keeps dropping out.

Google is aware of the pain of this internet-free existence though, and it's got your back for when spotty signal leaves you with that dreaded "You are offline" warning window.

How? Well there's an addictive little game hidden in Chrome's most feared window. It's not all about Facebook's hidden basketball game, y'know.You've probably been just a click away from this hidden Google game dozens of times without even realizing it.

The next time your Android phone's Chrome browser is left without an internet connection there's no need to fret, just try tapping on that dinosaur instead.

BOOM! Simple as that, just watch in gleeful wonder as a hidden side-scrolling game launches before your eyes, with Steve, Google's digital dino who needs to be steered safely through a desert scene.

The game—which you can play on both mobile browsers or on your desktop if you tap the spacebar— has been around for a few years now, but it's hidden just well enough that its worth a little reminder. We could all use a little help through inevitable trials of a bad connection.

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