As we all know, whatsapp has become one of the worlds largest messaging application with over a billion users. It was recently purchased by Facebook, and the usage of this app is totally free from being $0.99 dollars a year.

Recently, the messenger got a little bit better with new text formatting options. While nothing groundbreaking in the world of text, they do let you express yourself more clearly when messaging friends.

There has been alot of upgrades to the app keeping it's rating high. Some of these updates includes the addition of new smileys, and now the introduction of some texting formats. 
 The new formatting options are: bold, Asterisk, tiles, underscore. 

In this article I'll be showing you how to apply this formats when typing. 

Put ~tildes~ around text to strike through it. Useful for being sarcastic, when you say something like "Can't believe we have get to sit through two more hours of him talking about text!" 

Put *asterisks* around text to make it bold. This can be used when trying to emphasize a statement or a word. 

Put _underscores_ around text and it will be in italics. Now when you refer to Inception, or other movies/books, you can put them in italics and be proper. 

Make sure you update your copy of WhatsApp to the latest version before trying this, or these won't work. Be the first to use these new tricks and your friends will marvel at your amazing text abilities!

Enjoy. Comment and share. 

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