For many reasons we might find ourselves without our bank's ATM card – reasons been that it might have been swallowed up by the
machine, forgotten at home or worse even stolen. For any of the above reasons, you'll end up being stranded and cashless.  Diamonbank’s
magic cash service can help.

This service which is
exclusive to Diamondbank customers helps you withdraw cash using just your mobile phone – no
need for a withdrawal slip or cheque book.

How to use the Magiccash service:

You will need to begin the registration process at your
branch/by telephone before you can use the service
at the ATM machine.

1. Register for the service in-branch, or by calling the Diamondbank contact centre on 0700-300-0000

2. Text ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile number maintained on your account to generate a six digit magic code

3.Now, go to any Diamond Bank ATM and select the Magic Cash option

At the ATM machine:

1. Enter your registered mobile number (including prefix +234)

2. Enter the six digit Magic Code you received on your registered mobile number

3. Create and confirm your Magic PIN (4 digits) and proceed to transact (you only need to create/setup the Magic PIN during the first transaction. For future transactions, you will just need to key it in.)

That's all, and your money will be staring at you.

For enquiries, please call the Diamondbank Contact Centre on 0700-300-0000, send an SMS to 30811 or email them at
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