Not too long ago a friend of mine asked how she could increase the number of likes on her Facebook pictures. So I decided to write an article explaining in detail how to achieve this goal.
Well there isn't much you can do but I hope this tips would help. As the fact is that just like monetizing a website, the sole purpose of uploading a picture is to get comments and likes on Facebook. 

When it comes to Facebook, alot of user spend huge amount of money and time on the social media platform, either liking other people uploads or uploading theirs, or watching funny videos and more. All in the quest to overcome boredom. All the same, many people have gotten addicted to Facebook due to their user friendliness. 

Tips to increase the number of likes on a picture on Facebook. 

Upload well edited pictures:
When uploading take a minute to look at the pictures from a viewer perspective if it doesn't really strike you as perfect, there's no crime in using photo editors like youcam or camera 360. Even models secretly edit some of their pictures to give it more hype. 

Increase the number of friends you have.
Yes, this is where many Facebook users most especially ladies gets it wrong. 
That gentle man or that secret admirer or even the stranger's friends request you kept pending, might the secret to shooting up the number of likes you get. Because he or she may end up being an active user. So after reading this article, I'll recommend you log in to your Facebook account, and accept all pending friend request. Lol. 

Using a good selfie camera
Using a good selfie camera when taking a picture before uploading attracts more users surprisingly, as though it would look pretty good, it would also look natural. 

Change privacy settings to Public 
This should take place before the final upload. As most times our friends alone might not be in a good mood to start liking a picture upload. So try and leave your profile transparent so that even passers-by that admires the pictures can easily pay respect. 

Let a professional photographer take a picture for you, yes your friend might have taken others for you, and they are pretty good, it can never be compared to when a professional hand handles it. It is actually your friends hobby, but it is a photographer's profession and career. Mark the difference. 

There are some third party sites that offer increase in likes but those kinds of likes aren't valid because they only click yours when you click theirs.

If you have other suggestions, please add them up in the comments section below. 
Enjoy and watch your likes grow. 
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