Most Smartphone users complain of low sounds volume, though it may be as a result of the make of the phone,and the general problem facing smartphone users are even though you increase your speaker volume to the highest , it still gives rather faint sound.
If You are having this problem, Then, you can use MTK Engineer App or Mobile Uncle to boost your volume level to the top/highest level. 

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Some manufacturers nowadays are trying to create smartphones with high quality sound system, like boom player and the rest. 

If you don't know how to raise the max volume, then follow the below steps...

For example,
If you used Tecno H6, you should have noticed that both the loudspeaker and earphones volume were very poor.
I used the phone my self and this was how I increased the volume...
("No rooting required" in some cases.) 
*You should have MTK ENG. Mode.
The app should be available on Google play store, but if not you can search for it using Google search and download the apk file. 
How to increase Android speaker volume with MTK Engineering mode

> Launch the MTK app >
> Click on MTK Engineer >
> Swipe to left twice, you should land here.
> Click on Audio >
> Now, this page should appear >
> Select either Headset or Loudspeaker Mode.
> Configure to your test:
I.E.. Type: Media | Level: 14 | Value: 135 > SET.
Max Vol.: 150 > SET.
That's all. Drop your testimonies. 
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