Lenovo like other tech companies, seems to be making advaances to try out a Windows 10 cell phone. In any case, before you get excessively energized, it truly appears like a one-time arrangement and chances are that it may not be available at your neighborhood gadgets store. The name for the most part gives that away.

Truly, what is going on here is that the Japanese transporter SoftBank has tasked Lenovo with making a telephone to add to their current lineup of handsets. 

What's more, incidentally the telephone they asked for must be one running Microsoft's versatile OS. That being said, following the 503LV is a bearer gadget, it is select to Japan right now.

The SoftBank 503LV specifications
>A 5-inch 720p showcase
>3GB of RAM
>32GB of locally available stockpiling
>8MP primary shooter camera
>5MP selfie HD front camera
>2,250 mAh battery.

If you are eagerly anticipating it's arrival kindly drop your comments! 
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