Smartphones have in recent times advanced in all dimensions and have become one of the most popular means of communication. 

Smartphones are super flexible thanks to its open-source nature. Smartphone developers are always pushing to do the unthinkable, leaving us as the users in an ocean of possibilities with the Android software.


Bloatware is system apps that are not of any particular importance to you, all they do is occupy USEFUL space. With the power granted unto you by rooting, you can now uninstall that bloatware. 

While doing this you are advised to take it slow and pay EXTRA attention to those apps that you are uninstalling to avoid uninstalling the important apps, that is apps that are required to any degree for your phone to perform some tasks. 

There are so many apps that help perform this  functions, one of them is the King User app another is Lucky Patcher, I think Du battery saver and Clean Master do this.

Although the problem of  RAM size is continually reducing, there are still some guys that need more RAM. Well, now your RAM salvation has come, with the power vested in you by rooting, you are now able to increase your RAM by allocating some part of your storage space through partitioning to be used as a Virtual RAM, thus increment of your RAM. 

There is only one dark side to this, make sure you don't remove or unmount the storage device in use without turning off the app you are using to expand your RAM. Now Enjoy your MIGHTY RAM.

I know many people no longer experience this problem of not having enough space to install those apps you love just because your internal storage. 

But nevertheless it's still a problem some people experience, intact just so that you don't resort to rooting your to expand your internal storage many phone producers have made it possible for you to install apps on your SDCARD but that work for all apps because there are apps that need to be installed to internal storage to enjoy the best out of it. With the help of some apps, like LINK2SD, and of course rooting it possible, so why don't you try it out.

Well there are other numerous possibilities you can enjoy after rooting your smartphone. You easily explore them on your own. If you have any experience please share with us. 
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