Do you know many counterfeit Galaxy S7 are sold online? Year after year, the businesses responsible for producing these clones improve the quality of their counterfeit devices, making it difficult or almost impossible for users to determine whether the device is authentic or not.  

These companies not only imitate the smartphone design but also the packaging, the charger and even smartphone accessories. Many unsuspecting people can easily be fooled especially since the differences are difficult to see in photos.

Alot of people have suffered loses by falling as victims to such counterfiet Samsung products. After the incidents of Galaxy S7 melting and exploding worldwide, I felt it was my obligation to educate Samsung smartphones patronizers, so they wont fall victim.

Here are some tips on how to spot a fake Galaxy S7
Check the packaging against the original box. Even if efforts have been made to replicate the packaging, nothing with a counterfeit will be identical the original. The box won’t necessarily open in the same way, the writing won’t be identical, colors may vary.

Check the device’s appearance. For example, the Samsung logo isn’t the same color, it’s not situated in the same place or it’s simply not present at all.

Test the device beforehand, if possible. Check the brightness, features, interface, quality of finishes and even the device’s technical specifications with the name, model number and Android version in the parameters. You can even go as far as downloading an application like CPU-Z from playstore or other trusted appstores for further details in order to compare the technical datasheets.

Pay attention to the price. If your dream Galaxy S7 is being sold at a significantly lower price than the manufacturer’s price, there’s probably something fishy going on.

Check where the device came from and its seller. To avoid any nasty surprises, I advise that you don’t buy your phone from less reputable sites or lesser known brands. If you have any issues with the device, it’s easier to solve the problem if the smartphone has been sold by a reputable and well established company.

Have you already been a victim of these counterfeits? Have you got any other tricks for spotting fakes? Tell us in the comments.
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