Finally there must be an end to everything, although we all new this would happen someday, but I must say I'm kind of emotional right now. Ever since Whatsapp and Facebook stopped their upgrade on blackberry OS, and the attempt of blackberry to sell their company, many loyal loyal Blackberry users have upgraded to either BB10 or Android.

Blackberry stopped manufacturing Blackberry Classic running on Blackberry OS since 2013, which lead to the network providers decision to discontinue Blackberry Internet Service, which is the BIS plan. Subscriptions to the Blackberry BIS plan has drastically reduced, and Etisalat has taken the lead to discontinue its Blackberry BIS plan .

This is what Etisalat had to say about the discontinuation of their BIS plan:
"Dear Customer, our BB service will no longer be available. You will continue to enjoy your current subscription till it expires. Thank you for choosing Etisalat." Blackberry OS is now replaced with the Android OS and now that Blackberry has stopped the production of Blackberry Classic devices, and Etisalat has taken the lead to discontinue their BIS plan, other telecommunication network will follow up soon.

Are you still utilizing Blackberry Classic device? Hope you know Whatsapp will stop working on Blackberry OS by the end of this year 2016. Kindly use the comment box below.

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