Airtel officially announces its plan to discontinue its free night browsing of N25 for 500mb and its weekly bundle of N500 for 1gb on smartTRYBE. Its no longer new news that NCC has mandated all telcos to increase prices of all their data plans starting from December 1st 2016. Thats why our beloved network Airtel has taken steps in advance to see this goal accomplished.

Earlier today I got this shocking message from Airtel "Your pocket friendly 500mb for N25 and 1gb for N500 data offers end 30/11/2016. dail *312# to activate now and binge all you want." .. I was shocked to my marrow and I strongly believe it was sent in compliance with NCC new rule. They even went ahead to tell us to enjoy it now while it last!!!

Other networks like MTN have programmed the message from NCC to their call center database for customers to listen to whenever you call customer care. I'm still patiently waiting to hear from GLO.

NCC believes that implementing this would be a sure way of increasing revenue for the Federal Government as they know most of us can't do anything without active Internet data subscriptions.

Whats your view on this recent development by NCC/Airtel????
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