Twitter has released their Android TV app, which lets you watch various videos, sport clips, playbacks and periscope videos directly from it. The app officially came out for Android TV users two months after it had launched for Fire TV and Apple TV respectively. 

Users can also watch a feed of curated tweets and a live broadcast side-by-side, and there’s no need to log in or even have a Twitter account to access live streams through the app.

You can also easily check out latest trending tweets from the app originating from your account, but won't be able to retweet, favorite, or tweet directly from the app. Also note that you don't actually need a twitter account to use this app as some of the content would be auto-generated from twitter community.

Twitter believes it's user would prefer performing some of this action from a mobile phone or computer rather than a remote control.

Do you have an Android TV? Download the App directly from playstore HERE
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