Most of us are fond of just detaching the batteries from our desktop or mobile phones without patiently switching them off. Have you not sat down to wonder why recent Smartphones comes with non-detachable batteries? Today I will be explaining the hazards involved in this actions.

When you switched the phone off correctly, it knows that it power will be shut down shortly. That means, all the apps and the operating system get the chance to save whatever needs to be saved and to go through their proper shut-down process.

Removing the battery without switching the phone off will immediately crash every running applications as well as the operating system(OS). It's just like unplugging your system while it's running.

And another thing is that While switching off your device, the operating system will make sure that every thing connected to the phone's memory and external memory is properly and carefully closed. If you remove the battery before switching off your phone, you may corrupt the memory which may lead to unexpected behavior. 

For a PC, forcing shut down or removing the battery without properly shutting down the system makes the windows to misbehave, when leads to delays when we try to switch it back on. Most time when this occurs, the system directs us to troubleshooting pages, but this has little or no effects on the damages done.

Final words, taking out 10mins to properly switch off our system is a good practice and should be encouraged as it it would be beneficial in many ways including economically as we wouldn't need to spend unnecessary cash on repairs, and our system would stay longer and bubbling in good conditions.

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