Whats more wonderful than starting the week, with a free browsing tweak?? 

Today I will be dropping yet another simple settings for Airtel free browsing tweak for Airtel VPN. Airtel VPN is a new vpn that is specially made for the current blazing Airtel tweak. This VPN is the best for this cheat as it's so lite, super fast and more stable without disconnections, and it doesn't take upto 10 seconds to connect. It's very easy to setup, just 3 taps and you are online.

Some readers of this blog might not have the money to subscribe for Tweakware premium account, that's why I am bringing this best alternative to use this Airtel cheat without limits, as the cheat is unlimited. 

Settings for Airtel's Free Browsing Using Airtel Tweakware VPN

An Airtel sim with 0.00 balance and no data
Strong 3G network
Your Android phone 
Airtel VPN


Use the default Airtel APN settings

Now, download Airtel Vpn HERE

After downloading the app, launch it.
In region, select any server you want.
In Tweaks, select Airtel (though it's the only available tweak there).
Now, tap on the disconnected icon and it will connect with the speed of light. Once connected, start browsing and blazing.

I just a seasonal movie of 2.4GB in less than 50minutes without disconnections. My speed is reading 3MB/sec here.

Enjoy while it last.

That's all. Kindly share. If you have are confused about this settings, or have any contributions kindly comment below.
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