Instagram to start displaying Advertisement on Instagram Stories, pictures and short videos that will be on Instagram's server for 24hours before disappearing. These Ads are already live on Instagram. You can see Ads when scrolling through your Instagram feed.

There will also be an interstitial Ads, i.e; full-screen ads but it will be skippable after some few seconds. As you can see, Facebook is about to launch their own Ads on Facebook videos you upload and also make cool $$$ with it.

This is what Instagram has to say,

>>150M people are making use of this feature per day, the same as Snapchat’s daily users. However, the video ads will be marked 'Sponsored' to let users differentiate ads and the main videos.

Below is the official statement from James Quarles, the VP of Instagram Business;
Adverts are designed for “reach” rather than immediately to drive sales and will not have links to websites.

Do you think this was a professional move by Instagram? I haven't seen any before so I can't say if it would affect user experience.. Thanks for reading..
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