MTN is set to discontinue its Blackberry Internet Service too following similar actions taken b y Glo and Etisalat. MTN Nigeria has already notified all its Blackberry subscribers of its intention to discontinue Blackberry Internet service this month, January 2017.

According to the SMS sent out by MTN to subscribers:
Dear customer, MTN Blackberry service will be decommissioned on 27/01/2017. Please upgrade to a smartphone and enjoy 100% bonus on any data bundle purchased.

As seen in the text above, MTN is set to discontinue its BIS plan coming 27th of this month, January 2017. This will leave Airtel as the last man standing with their BIS plan, as they are yet to discontinue their Blackberry Internet Service.

Blackberry phones was once a hit in Nigeria, due to its cheap and affordable data plans. But now, all are history, as many people are now porting to Android smartphones. The good news is that generic data plans are now much more affordable than they used to be.

To me, all this network providers shouldn't have carried out some of this actions without prior notice of about 3 months.. But is still their decision anyways. I hope blackberry users are ready to port.
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