Passwords are the gateways to all our private data and should be handled with care, millions of people use the same password for all purposes, as a result they also become vulnerable to fraud, scam etc.. Also people are fund of using the same password to log in to banking, shopping, and accessing social networking sites. Fifty-four percent admitted they do little variation in the password. 

For matters of confidentiality of the password, at least 40% of adults admit that at least one person who knows their password. Meanwhile, more than half a million people admit that their ex-girl/boyfriends have access to log into a personal account alias know their password. 

More than that, really easy to guess passwords which are also open opportunities for intruders enter. One in five people use their pet names, while another 12 percent use the historic dates like birthdays. Ten percent use traditional name of the child, and nine percent longer using the name of the mother. 

Sarah Blaney (identity theft expert at CPP), said that does not make sense when people use the same key for home, car, or their garage. Now, through this analogy, we should not use the same password for everything. If necessary, the person should use a combination of letters and numbers, so it will be more difficult to penetrate. 

Based on a report that also, revealed the fact that one in ten people have a web account accessed by a thief, and twenty people reported that their personal identity has been stolen.

The use of same password for almost everything is very dangerous and should be avoided.
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