We all know that when it comes to speed of browsing, Etisalat comes first in most cases, but they are somehow stingy with their the megabytes rolled out in their data plans. Etisalat has realized that people are not subscribing to their night plan, compared to the traffic MTN and Airtel night plan has. Hence decided to launch their own night plan.

The new Etisalat night plan cost N50 for 250MB and is available for Easycliq tariff plan. The night plan works on all smartphones, PC, Tablets and also any device that can access the internet. It's only usable between 12:00AM to 5:00AM.

How Can I Activate Etisalat 250MB For N50 Night Plan?

1. Migrate to Easycliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1# (if you are not yet on Easy Cliq tariff plan)

2. Make sure you have minimum airtime balance of N50

3. Dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for N50 (Usable between 12:00am- 5:00am)

It doesn't require any VPN before it can work and power all apps, it works like any other subscription, just that its only usable at night.
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