Google has decided to empower Nigerians with digital skills, thus helping to combat the high level of unemployment in the country. They have Organized a Digital Skill Training. You can attend a free Google Sponsored #DigitalSkillTRAINING on Lagos State University, LASU, Campus this August. This program aims to improve the digital skills of the Nigerian youth.

Courses include:

  • Digify Bytes to give digital skills to young people looking to develop a digital career.
  • Digify Pro a 3-month immersion program for digital specialists.

Also interested participants can sign-up for online courses on the Digify website; these courses have been scheduled to run on very low data reducing cost implications.

This initiative by Google and Digify Africa will improve the current unemployment situation in the country. Giving the Nigerian youth an opportunity to work for themselves applying what they have learned.

Be in demand and skill up digitally!

To Register, Follow This Link: Register NOW to get Certified

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