9Mobile Subscription Codes And Data Bundle Plans For Android Smartphones, PC, iPhones and Blackberry.

All we all know recently Etisalat Nigeria changed their brand name to 9mobile, and as such has also made some slight changes to their pattern of operation and also data plans. In this article today I'll be giving a comprehensive list of the latest 9mobile data bundle plans and codes for Android devices, iPhones PC's and blackberry devices alike.

9Mobile Internet Data Bundle Plans And Subscription Codes

9mobile offers several data bundle plans which are suitable for both heavy and lite users. Just look for the subscription codes of your most preferred data bundle.

10MB 9Mobile daily sub: This plan gives you 10MB data for just 50 Naira and it isvalid for 24hours (1day). To subscribe simply dial *229*3*8#.

500MB 9Mobile One Month Sub: This plan gives 500MB data for 500 Naira , valid for 30 days. Dial *229*2*12# or text LCD to 229.

1GB 9Mobile Weekend Plan: This plan gives 1GB data for 500 Naira which is valid from friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm. Its a weekend plan. To subscribe , dial *5995*2#.

9Mobile 1GB night only plan (12am -5am): This plan cost 200 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*11# , valid for 24hours.

9Mobile 2GB evening and weekend plan (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend: This sub cost 1,000 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*12# , valid for 30days.

9Mobile 5GB evening and weekend plan (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend: This sub cost 2,000 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*13# , valid for 30days.

9Mobile 1GB for one Month: This is one of the cheapest data plan for android phones in Nigeria. This plan gives 1GB data for exactly 1,000 Naira and the data is valid for 30days. you can subscribe by dialing *229*2*7#

1,200 Naira for 1.5GB : To get this 9Mobile data plan , dial *229*2*25# , or text AND11 to 229

2,000 Naira for 2.5GB: Another good offer is the 2.5GB for 2,000 Naira 9Mobile data plan , which is valid for 30days. You can subscribe by dialing *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.

2,500 Naira for 3.5GB: This 9Mobile plan gives 3.5GB data for #3,500 ; valid for 30 days. To get started , dial *229*2*26# or text AND22 to 229.

3,500 Naira for 5GB: Get 5GB worth of 9Mobile data plan for #3,500 , vaild for 30days. Dial *229*2*9# or text AND3 to 229.

8,000 Naira for 11.5GB: Get 11.5GB for #8,000 on 9Mobile network. Dial *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229. 30days validity

10,000 Naira for 15GB: This top 9Mobile plan gives you 15GB data for #10,000 naira , which is valid for 30days. Dial *229*4*1# to subscribe or text SM1 to 229.

18,000 Naira for 27.5GB: On this 9Mobile Data plan , you get 27.5GB worth of data that is valid for 30days. Dial *229*4*3# or text SM3 to 229.

84,992 Naira for 100GB: Do you want 100GB data on 9Mobile Network? Then get ready to pay

84,992 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229. Please note that this plan is valid for just 30 days (1month)

110,000 Naira for 120GB: This is the highest and most expensive 9Mobile Data Plan that is available in Nigeria. This plan gives 120GB for #110,000 , valid for 365 days (1 year). This plan is best suitable for Big companies that rely on heavy internet usage. Dial *229*5*3# to subscribe or text 12M to 229.

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9Mobile Smartpaks (Data Plan For Lite Users)

This data plan is for the lite users, to subscribe for any of 9Mobile Smartpak , dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu. Choose option 3 for smartpaks.

9Mobile Chatpak: Get ulinmited access to WhatsApp, facebook Messanger, WeChat, BBM, all instant messaging apps. It costs #50 per day , and #150 per week.

9Mobile Socialpak: Get unlimited access to facebook, twitter, BBM, instagram, eskimi, all instant messaging apps. It costs #300 per week.

9Mobile Videopak: Get 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any app. It costs #400 for 2 hours of unlimited streaming.

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