Mad zombies game brings to reality the hero Hunter fantasy game which most people fantasizes about that enables you to create and finish any battle yourself with 3D stunning battle mode which is one of the RPG based shooting games that is available for free. 

If you have seen the movie "Army of the dead" they you might have a slight clue or an insight on what to expect from this game. 

The hero battles with an army with different kinds of weapons that are fully loaded on the game which the hero can choose any type of weapon and also design his army to their particular taste and feel down to the least detail. 

Mad zombies game is one of the best shooting heroes Hunter games with awesome 3D renowned shooting features video game which is available for almost all devices. 

If you are a gamer and you love shooting games then you won’t like to miss the game with a lot of graphic shooting 3D features that this game came with. 

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Here's a summary of the game's specs... 

App name Mad zombies game 

Type         Mod apk

Version      5.27.0

Download size 100MB 

Download directly from playstore Here.

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