Have you thought of engaging in an activity to keep you entertained while you pass time? I'll be introducing to you a life-like adventure game called Arena of  Valor.

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed for mobile. The overall gameplay of Arena of Valor is technical yet very interesting as there are lots of puzzles to be solved. 

Watch the teaser below... 

Players control characters, referred to as heroes, and each of these heroes have a unique set of abilities. Heroes start the game at a low level, and can earn gold and experience (XP) in various ways: Killing non-player creatures such as minions or monsters, defeating other players, destroying structures, passively through time and through special items that can be purchased through the shop.

Earning experience unlocks and augments abilities, making the hero more powerful. Items purchased in the shop do not carry over matches, and therefore all players are on equal footing at the start of every match.

Matches give players rewards, such as gold, which can then be used to buy a variety of heroes or arcana. In addition to this, players can play a 'Ranked' match type, which allows them to be matched with players who are at their skill level and be assessed through in-game 'ranks'. Stars are earned for a victory, and lost when the player loses. Enjoy the game and tell us your experience.

Here's the link to download it from playstore.
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