One of the most efficient and trustworthy free crypto offers and staking groups the Netbox Global, has decided to freeze their their business. In an update we gathered they expressed their regrets to inform their community that the decision to freeze Netbox.Global project was made.

Quick background and history

The Netbox.Global project took start in 2018 by the group of crypto enthusiasts with the bright ideas to make a new browser with integrated crypto wallet and rewards just for its usage. The development process took more than 1 year and was made without any ICO or crowdfunding. During the period till 2022 there were launched a lot of blockchain products integrated into desktop and mobile Netbox.Browser like Store, Lottery, News, Quotes, Games, Bridge, DeFi and others applications and tools. In addition, many partners joined the ecosystem. NBX coin was listed on crypto exchanges and got its place in the market. And they also introduced a NBXB which is a wrapped nbx token with the idea of making withdrawal to the bsc20 network easier. 

Why the decision to freeze Netbox.Global

The background became worse since the second part of 2021 when the team felt lack of resources: financial, human and time. The same time national crypto regulatory risks to go on with blockchain project development became real and close. Moreover, they lost a part of the core team.

After months of uncertainty, disruption, attempts to find investors and transfer the project to a new team, they have regretfully decided to freeze all services and Netbox products support. It is, without a doubt, a sad day for all blockchain enthusiasts and they can’t express in words how hard it’s been for then to make this decision.

Some important dates and details

Freezing means that all the Netbox.Global products, services, tools and support will be disabled by March 15th, 2022. The same time all the source codes of all developed and released products will be uploaded to the official Netbox.Global Github repository and will become open source.

Any new team who will be ready to go on with development, can contact us by email to get all the needed support to restart the project and receive the team funds which are around 52 mln NBX.

What about Netbox.Browser?

Mobile and Desktop Browsers will be still available as web browsers after March 15th, 2022 but without obligations of any support, updates and garanty of security and stable running. Thus, Desktop Netbox.Browser will support local Netbox Qt Wallet and Mobile Netbox.Browser won’t support crypto wallet at all.

What about Netbox.Coins?

Please move your NBX funds to any proper chain. It can be Netbox.Chain with NBX coins or Binance Smart Chain with NBXB tokens. By March 15th, 2022 the Bridge will be disabled without an option to move funds between chains.

You’ll be able to Stake your NBX coins the native way with QT wallet only (Staking Pool won’t be available) and run Masternodes without any changes and restrictions if you wish.

Please check out your Mnemonic phrase in advance! You should write it down and keep it safe! You can always restore your wallet with these 24 words.

Here was a note of thanks to their users and their community in the quotation below. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank every single user of Netbox. It has always been the driving force for the entire team to continue to struggle through all the problems we have faced in the past year. We did everything we could, in return for all the love, support and encouragement we have received from our users throughout this wonderful journey. We are thankful and proud of you and the Netbox.Browser which we made for you.

What's your thoughts on the decision made by the Netbox.Global team? Let us know in the comments section below.

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